Monday, November 29, 2010

Retrograde Coming Soon

First I would like to say WELCOME to everyone . I have switched to for my daily blog since there were so many tech issues with the old one. You can still go back and read the blogs in the archives at the myspace blog.

I will still post a blog each weekday, and take holidays off...after all that is Matt time.

Today is a short blog, but I wanted everyone to know that there is a Mercury retrograde coming. This will , of course, be the last one this year. Most retrogrades are known for disrupting communication and small electronics. They throw your schedule right out the window and make you wonder if the whole world has gone mad. Mercury retrogrades are when the planet Mercury seems to moves backwards in the sky. It is an illusion created by the movement of other objects in the sky, and its' motion in relation to Earth.

This retrograde begins on December 10, at 7:04 AM EST in Capricorn  and ends on December 30 at 2:21 AM EST. Those who are Capricorn natives will feel the effects more strongly than other astrological signs. I am not an astrologer (that was my Mom's talent), but I know from clients and their challenges during retrogrades that they are really a force to be reckoned with.

You may say "white" and the person you are talking to will hear "black". Your email won't go through, your cell phone won't connect, your voice mail arrives the next day. You can't get along with people you always got along with before. You have little things go wrong that slow you down as you try to hurry here and there. Little electrical appliances refuse to work, and may actually start working again AFTER the retrograde is over. Anything that has a plug or battery is open for issues.

The best way to fight retrogrades is to give yourself some extra time in your travels, unplug what you aren't using when you will be away extended periods of time, and do not have important discussions during this time. Be very clear in instructions. Write things down and read and reread them. Double check on things, especially plans, due dates, times and places. Don't fret because you thought you would get a call and it didn't come. Make the call back, and check. Try not to sign important documents.

Retrogrades can be very frustrating, but when we take a deep breath and say "mercury retrograde" when things go wrong, it makes it a smoother transition into getting things done, instead of getting upset about them.

It will be the holiday season to remember to make extra, extra time for plans, and glide through the retrograde like Santa's sleigh on snow!

Triple Moon Goddess Gina

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