Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Villisca, The EVP vs SB7 spirit box.

While going through my recorder yesterday I noticed that I had some EVPs. I was a little surprised as I thought that the SB7 (sometimes known as "spirit Box" or "ghost box"), would pick up everything. It is supposed to be the easiest system for the spirits to use. They have white noise and sounds from radio stations to paste into words and phrases.

The spirit box does NOT pick up everything, and it is still a bit of a mystery as to how this all works.

I still have sessions to go through, and this particular session had NO ghost box running during it. It seems that the longer we were there, the louder and more clear the voices became. I do know that an investigator had her new camera and SB7 batteries sucked dry. She couldn't use either until we left and replaced them. Maybe the spirits used her batteries to communicate better and louder. They are communicating in a different way than those who use the spirit box. We already knew this to be true, however it seems that some spirits who talk on recorders must be older and stronger than spirits who use the SB7.

It looks like you should use EVP recorders to get the older spirits of a place to communicate, and the SB7 for newer. Then last night I had a thought. Maybe the SB7 picks up spirits that aren't even in the location. They are using radio station waves that are all around us. I posed the question to our founder and he agreed it was a possibility. Maybe next time we will have to ask "Where are you?" The old spirits would have to be right there with us for the recorders to pick up their voices, however, do the spirits who use the ghost box? Can they, like the DJ , be miles away? I guess that is a question for Gary Galka. I DO know that when we run recorders and spirit box. We get different voices/answers on both.This means that not only are they using different methods to communicate, btu the SB7 voices cannot be spirits in the room as they do not make a "double voice" on the recorder. It is not a combination of a clear voice and a static ridden voice box voice saying the same thing at the same time. I don't think the SB7 spirits are near enough to us to be picked up by the recorder.

We received VERY different style, attitude and response from the old spirits than the ones on the ghost box. The ones on the ghost box were curt, rude, cursing and never gave any information. The recorder had just the opposite. I think I will stick with my recorder. I always thought that the spirit box was a cool thing, but now I see no need for it, and am not sure exactly where it is picking up from. It is also hard to hear and decipher sometimes. Our team member who has one is going to try a differnt type of speaker, we will see if theat clarifies the responses. Every time we asked how many spirits were int he house on the SB7, we had no answer. Maybe because they didn't know. Maybe they are just passing through or aren't even in the house! When I asked those same questions last year on the recorder I not only got a total, but was told how many males and how many females were in the house. This doesn't mean the spirit box cannot answer those questions, but I think it picks up newer, weaker spirits. They aren't exactly the best sources of information and certainly not as good as old spirits. I guess it is our craving for instant satisfaction that makes the spirit boxes and Shack hacks so popular.

I still suggest a good paranormal investigation team use both systems. 

I still am not sure if my recorded voices are of the Moore or Stillinger family.. We don't have anything to prove or disprove that. I do however have a child singing, and I would think that is more likely a Moore child (it sounds like a boy). I have a song, an "OK", and a spirit mimicking me with "all say" after I said to a fellow investigator, "that's what they all say". I have more on that first session including footsteps and thumps that we heard with our own ears. I still have a couple of sessions to go.

When you can only afford one tool, buy a recorder. Not only will you pick up spirits , but you will have a record of it for later, where with the spirit box, unless you attach a recorder, or tape it with a video camera, the replies will be lost.

The EVPs are being put with video so they can be posted and I will post them at a later date.

There is so much good stuff out there to discover and methods to fine tune. Just remember, do NOT learn all you know from a TV show, and learn from different groups and people. Experiment and see what happens!

Peshaui Wequashimese

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