Monday, December 16, 2013


I have clients tell me all the time that they don't understand why things aren't getting more positive and abundant for them. They are saying affirmations, they are setting goals and asking for things, they are doing the work, but nothing is changing. They at the same time tell me how their life stinks, how this person is out to get them, and that one is getting better treatment, and the one of there is always getting what she wants....

I'm sorry I thought that you said you were working in the positive? 

When you are still dwelling on why some other person is, in your opinion, or in fact, getting treated better than you; when you wish ill on those who you feel have done your wrong in the past; when you recite all the bad things going on in your life; when you have issues with everyone you meet and feel that every word out of a person's mouth is a hidden attack...then you are FAR from working in the light, thinking positively and doing the work.

You can say affirmations til the cows come home and NOTHING will happen, unless you are doing it correctly. Doing it correctly means changing your THINKING, your ENERGY, and your BELIEF. You can't just say the words, you have to BELIEVE them and WORK towards them.

Say affirmations as if they are already happening and state your goals. It is easy to find a positive thing to say. I have people who have a roof over their heads, tell me their financial world is a mess, dire, terrible. How can they think positive?

People who manifest well are people who are appreciative. They thank the Universe every day for each good thing. When you believe, and you work it, you will find it easy. Many struggle with this, some to the point where they actually need professional help....but most can do this on their own. Every time you want to complain and be upset about something, do two things, one state your unhappiness. When a person truly does you wrong, tell them about it, but make sure that you aren't just imagining a slight, or making mountains out of molehills. Then look at what good came of it. Thank the Universe for the good, and restate your goal.

It will go something like this: 

My friend "So and So" again made a point to put me down today in front of others.  I am sure this is happening and others have commented to me about it also.

I have told "So and so" that since I feel that she constantly puts me down , I will have to discontinue this friendship. I don't lecture her on it, call her names, or cause trouble in her life, I quietly exit.

Universe, thank you for helping me see the issue clearly and stand up for myself. 

Affirm- The Universe is enabling me to take people out of my life that no longer serve my highest good , The Universe is bringing in new people who are helping me achieve my goals and giving the gift of true friendship which I will return in kind.

Now, keep in mind when we ask for highest good, it may be something we don't like. Maybe we need people to tell us that we are over sensitive about the and So & Sos of the world and need to let some things go.

People think that working towards a higher state and manifesting means only really warm and fuzzy things will happen....not so. When there are things you need to do or learn first, then they are NOT warm and fuzzy. You don't automatically get all the good stuff just because you say magic words....remember I said you have to work it.

To get Prince Charming, you need to BE Princess Charming. To get the great job, you have to be capable, qualified, and get along well with others. You don't just get magic.

 Manifesting is a tool of communication and COOPERATION with the Universe, not the Universe bestowing gifts on you because you are so damn awesome.

When you dwell on and believe others have it better than you.....others WILL have it better than you, you are  manifesting FOR them.

Work it, own it, be it.
Never ask for something to be taken from another (you don't know their life lessons and "highest good"). Never ask for the free will of others to be taken away (make him love me). Never ask for harm for another.

Do the right things for the right reasons.

Peshaui Wequashimese

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