Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Please don't use the "S" word! (soulmate)

There is a word that has actually been detrimental to the lives of many. It is a word meant to have a positve context, but what it does, is irreparable damage to many people. It is the other "S" word...soulmate.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge first used the word in 1822. He was a poet and he wrote about being able to spend your life with the one you loved. It may sound strange to us today, but many times in the past people didn't marry for love. Marriages were arranged, and many cultures still use that practice today. People sometimes married strangers, especially royalty. Marriages were arranged to secure lifestyles, lineage, and to make sure that property and wealth stayed in the family. Poets thought it should be different, it should be about love, and Coleridge wrote about a "soulmate", meaning to marry a person you loved, not one who was arranged for you. That was the positive connotation of the word soulmate.

All was well for a very long time. Two hundred years in fact.

The 1980's dawned with an influx of "self help" books, seminars and teachings. The word "soulmate" then became twisted. It lost its' original meaning and became a slang word. A word that evolved into being" the one and only person that you were supposed to spend your life with". It took all choice and free will out of the picture and made a terrible mess of things. People started writing books and making money, telling people how to find their soulmate, what a soulmate was, and how the Universe paired you together. Twin flames, love, ah......and all total 1980's catchword bullcrap.

There is NO one person that we are supposed to spend our life with. People blame  their obsessive feelings for others to those people being their soulmates. They MUST be with them. Many times the so called "soulmate" disagrees, doesn't feel the same at all and a terrible emotional mess occurs.

We do have a soul group, 111 other people in our lives that are there for our life lessons in this earthwalk. There are relationship partners in that 111. There are all teachers in that 111. There are people to help in that 111, and most certainly more than one option for a relationship partner in that 111.

Your soulmate is not with another person, not married, not rejecting you, not taking out a protection order against much as you love and adore those people, they are NOT your soulmate. There is no soulmate requirement on any of us. We sometimes have Karma to fulfill with others and that Karma is a teaching lesson, and sometimes it is with our significant other, HOWEVER that is with our TRUE significant other, a person we are in a monogamous relationship with.

Soulmates are not an entity that the Universe created, a person we MUST be with. "Soulmates" in the sense of this is the one and only, are nonexistent in the metaphysical world, and are a creation of self help gurus in the 1980's.

The saddest part of all this is that writers, psychic readers, speakers are making a fortune off of people's unhappy love lives. They are doing very well at it too.

Soulmates in the poetic sense, are people who we love, who love us equally, and who share our lives with us, teaching and learning. They are true partners and people who we can depend on , and who can depend on us. They are NOT people who we "make up/break up" with, have a child with, but no other relationship, are unhappy with. They are not married to , or living with other people. They are NOT people who hurt us physically, emotionally, mentally, financially. They do not tell us to "go away" in any way, shape or form. Poetic soulmates, meaning REAL soulmates, do not do these things!

There is NO ONE PERSON in this life that you are supposed to be with romantically. There ARE 111 people attached to you in life to learn and teach, and some of them are relationship partners. Here is another newsflash, not all of us are supposed to have romantic relationships in our lives, we are here to do other things. I will give you a prime example. Mother Teresa. She had a mission, she had wonderful loving goals. She never married, she was a nun, and if there was anyone on earth that God would give a soulmate to, don't you think it would be as lovely and wonderful a person as Mother Teresa? Yes, it would, but the fact is that the Universe, God, fate does NOT have people picked out for us that we MUST be with. The Universe doesn't even put romance high on the priority list.

When people obsess over others, they become, in their mind, a soulmate. It is an excuse for behavior that is irrational, and sometimes extends to improper and even dangerous.

Please do not waste your life looking for your soulmate in the sense of the one person. NO ONE on this earth is here to complete you, or fulfill you, that is YOUR job. Poetic soulmates are partners. They love each other, do for each other, support each other EQUALLY, that is what makes them MATES.

When a person rejects you , move on. Do not become stuck because of some misguided idea that was created in the 1980's to make money,  become your life goal. There are many things you are to do and learn in this lifetime, and the Universe's primary goal is not to find you a relationship partner. There are many more important things to be accomplished and learned. Many of us have partners we love dearly and who love us back just as strongly, that is a wonderful situation, but there is not just one person on this planet that you are supposed to be with.

When rejected move on, that isn't your soulmate in any sense of the word.

Don't become a catchphrase, live a life.

Let's bring the REAL meaning, the poetic meaning of soulmate back into existence, and rid the word of the 1980's catchphrase that has damaged so many lives. Move up and on, and make sure that you are living YOUR life in a happy way.....

Triple Moon Goddess Gina

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