Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Three is not a bad number.....

I watch up and coming "ghost hunters", and it is amazing what effect social media has had on them. When I first started studying paranormal activity in the late 1970's, you rarely heard the word "demon". Now it seems like there is one lurking in every dark corner (there really isn't).

I have a love/hate relationship with paranormal investigation shows. They are wonderful for showing people that there is life after death and that people who "see ghosts" don't belong in the insane asylum. However, people think that everything they do is totally valid. It isn't.

Three has become a "bad number". Once on a Ghost Adventures episode a priest told Zach Bagans that his three scratches were the "mocking of the trinity" and that it was a demonic attack. Demons will scratch you with 10 lines if they want to.  Three scratches does NOT mean it is a demonic entity that scratched you, just a powerful spirit, or one who has been on the other side a while and has figured things out. I know people who have been scratched and punched and none of them were attacked, nor possessed by a demon. Three is not a bad number.

Reach your hand out in front of you right now, palm down , as if you are going to run your hand down many fingers face down (scratch position)? The answer is is the easiest way, and the natural way for a hand to reach out and scratch you. Thumbs face in and pinkies are shorter and don't reach. Can you force five fingers? Sure you can, but naturally, the scratch would be three, index, middle and ring fingers.

I have even seen a YouTube video where a "investigator" is claiming that a K2 in the red is a demon. This is utter nonsense. It is simply a reading of over 20 MilliGauss. That's all. My microwave reads over 20, it isn't possessed that I know of. K2 meters do not always pick up spirit activity. You can have things happening in an area, and the needle never moves. There are also times when it is off the charts, and the reason is a natural occurrence. The red however does NOT indicate demonic activity.

I have been looking for answers for over 30 years. Studied parapsychology, psychology, religion, and have a degree in psychology and metaphysics. I have only been in two places in all that time, that I could say there was something "evil" in it. Nasty spirits, yes, things that never lived on this earth, yes (and just becasue they never lived on this earth doesn't make them demons, a prime example is angels!), nature spirits, yes, and natural phenomenoon, yes. Paranormal activity, tons of it, yes. Most likely demonic, twice.

Please do not believe everything you see on YouTube and read on the net.Many times spirits will act aggressive, although they are pretty weak, just to get you to leave them alone. They growl, just like you can if you try right now, that doesn't make you or it a demon.

I get tons of email of people asking if they have an attachment, a possession. So far all they have been attached and possessed to is the Ghost Adventures TV show.

I have had hundreds of paranormal experiences in my life, and hope to have many more, however for those who think the number three, and growls indicate demonic activity, you are way off base. One other note...that "flashlight communication" trick is pure garbage. Half turned on lights will flash when they want to. Watch carefully next time and you will see that the flashes do not match the questions....they just turn on and off at random.

We did a little experiment once at Villisca and asked if a former member was a purple cat. The answer was "yes". The silly questions went on for about 5 minutes, with the lights arcing off and on. You want answers from a spirit? Get a good digital voice recorder and /or a Spirit box. You will hear the investigators say the spirit is "excite" or "confused", no it is just general physics.

The paranormal is not all that hard to find out. A good investigator checks EVERYTHING to see why an event happened. They do not sit in a chair and say " I heard a noise, it's a ghost". They see what the noise was, and how it was made....and they certainly don't say "three knocks, its a demon!"

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