Thursday, September 25, 2014

"Different" does not equal "wrong"

This world is a place of many differences. They are all interwoven at some point, and you can easily find the connection when you follow the threads. You can see that all world religions and spiritual paths, involve growth and doing the right thing. You will see that all spiritual paths concentrate on you and what YOU need to do. 

I find it amazing that so many people spend their precious few hours on this Earthwalk, a time meant for learning, growing and helping, to cause issues, spread hurt, try to make others look bad, and spread gossip. We are here for growth and helping. No matter what you are, Christian, Muslim, Native one sent you here to be stagnant, hateful, and harmful. Then ask yourself why do so many people spend their day doing just that. 

They can't wait to hurt someone. They are so unhappy and insecure, so hateful and small that they do it constantly, many times without ever realizing it. They spread gossip, share social networking posts that insult people, politicians, and religions, and make it OK with themselves by telling themselves they are spreading information that is important to the world. All they are spreading is negativity and hate to make themselves feel better. There are facts, there are news stories out there, but they usually aren't the subject matter of what is spread. Much is taken out of context, over exaggerated or used just to make someone look bad. When your life is a mission to make someone else look bad, no matter who that is, then you have a problem, and a very SMALL sense of self.

When a day involves seeking out the negative, you bring negativity to your life. When the day involves seeking out the positive, making things better, passing on happiness, help, and hope, that that is what you receive. Many are in bad circumstances and blame the world, not themselves, when the ONLY person responsible for your happiness is YOU. Surround yourself in good thoughts and actions and watch your life change. Like energy attracts like energy. 

We do not get what we ask for, we get what we BELIEVE we will get.

Many miss that part of manifesting and spiritual teachings.

There are many paths to this success, and many religions, many ways, many belief systems to follow. They are all different , but yet all the same, and they are not ever "bad" just because they are different. 

Just for today.....and as many days as you can carry it on.....instead of worrying about what others are doing, worry about what YOU are doing. Like the saying goes. Don't worry about what I am doing, worry that you are worried about what I am doing. 


Do the right things for the right reasons......

Peshaui Wequashimese

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