Friday, July 8, 2011

Following the path....

I always thought that my path was working hard, being in the corporate world, making money. My Mom wanted better for me than she had, and she told me I HAD to go to college. I didn't mind as I always liked school, but I had no idea what I wanted to study. Today I can think of many things I would want to study....time does make us smarter.

She would have loved to send me to law school (I would have too), but knew we could not afford the tuition, and being that she owned a home with her sister, the powers that be told her she was not eligible. Things seem to have changed, but in those days, if you had a paycheck and a home, you weren't considered to be needing any money from anywhere.

I graduated college, but already had a job. I worked since I was 16. I worked 38 hour weeks while in college, and somehow survived. I had a great job when I graduated and saw no reason to go for a Masters. I worked, I worked my way up, and eventually found myself earning 6 figures, in a 2600 square foot, awesome house we built. I wasn't using my degree at all , even though a college degree was and still is necessary for a decent job unless you have a trade that you are good at. There were two kids, and a nice car.....OK, now what?

"What",  was 9/11. I lost my job, and even though I found one about a month later, it was a turning point. After years of constantly finding better and better jobs, there were no great ones to be found. I had not been using any of my psychic abilities (except to shout out the winning lottery numbers AS they were ex used to say "Can't you do that a few hours sooner?"), and life was a whirlwind of "this doesn't make me happy". I left the beautiful house and started over. I went for the sun and lived in the desert and then mountains of New Mexico for 4 years, then came to Indiana for a job. A job as a psychic.

I had already been doing readings at this point, and had been told by 2 psychic friends that I was supposed to be doing readings and healing. Healing! Not me, I am NOT into sick people , no way....well that was then, now I am a Reiki Master, go figure. The Universe nudged me along my  path and got me back to where I started, that being, honoring my psychic abilities and using them, and honoring my Native American background. My Mom took me to every pow wow, museum, and celebration she could find, even though she didn't have a drop of NA blood in her.

The "job" I came to Indiana for, I discovered, was scamming folks into readings on the net. I had a bad feeling about it from the start, but my friend who is an ecellent psychic just kept telling are supposed to go there. I did. She was right though.

I took my business to new heights, and bought a home. I then branched out to reiki , tai chi, and more NA studies.I earned a ministerial degree, then a Masters and PhD in Metaphysical Science. Now I was doing what I wanted to do.  I sharpened my skills, and worked hard at doing things the right way. It was never easy, but it was never difficult either. I quit on the first day at lunch time when I saw what they were about, and off I went.

Now I have my happy home with a wonderful husband who fully accepts what I do and has some talent himself. I have developed some awesome friendships, and we have our cozy house, and wonderful animals. We manage to do everything that we want to accomplish, and we are abundant and happy.We travel, and entertain friends on our beautiful property.  It took years and pitfalls to get here, both for me and my husband. We had "other lives" before this one, and trusted the Universe to help us get where we needed to be.

Many told me I was brave to go places alone, to be in new states, new cultures. It isn't bravery at all, it is more like faith in the Universe. When you have that you don't have to be brave.

So again , another birthday and another year in business for myself. I would give myself the day off, but I also know that isn't what the Universe has in store for me today. I do however get to celebrate with friends tonight, doing one of my favorite things...a bonfire, drums, flutes, and some of the coolest people God/ Creator/ The Universe ever put on the face of the earth.I am giving my friends a party for my birthday, after all they put up with me all year.

Good food (after all I am a moon child), good friends, good fun.
Who could ask for more !!

It turns out that I do have it, and did have it much better than my Mom , I just took a little different path than she and I expected, to get there. I know she loves what I have done with my life, and she always taught me that the only one who can make my life better was me. She was right, about a lot of things....

Peshaui Wequashimese
(a name my Grandmother gave me on a birthday long ago)

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