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Spotting a fake....

I had two people ask me over the weekend , "how do you spot a fake psychic"? That is easy and it is hard. I spot them a mile away , but I have my psychic abilities and years of experience behind me, so it is most likely easier for me. One wanted to know so she could find one when I wasn't available (I gave her some recommendations), the other said she heard a person saying all kinds of stuff and thought it was hokey. It was.

First of all , the answer is "it depends" , it depends on how you spot a fake for two reasons, one is that some advertise and you have a lot of info to go on, so it depends on if they are advertising or not, and the other is that sometimes people are just a little nuts and it is hard to get valid information out of them. Either way one rule stands, that is , if they seem to be seeking attention, they aren't real. Real honest psychics won't try to gain attention, they do just the opposite. Credible and ethical psychics will NEVER try to get attention, ever. They won't walk up and tell you things. Now I know some of you are thinking The Long Island Medium does this.She is a medium and that is a little different. When a spirit asks to please tell the person a message, they need to hear it, the medium will deliver it. I don't even leave myself "open" anymore in "regular" life as I was taught by otheres, and instructed by my guides, that this is not necessary, if there is something so darn important it needs to get through, they won't care if I am "off duty" they will send it anyway. I have certain "events" that will happen if I need to be aware of something.

So , how do you spot a fake? There are a few ways, and they are pretty solid indicators. I haven't seen them steer anyone wrong yet!

These are for those who advertise:

No glam shots. When they need to use good looks to lure you in, they don't have the talent. One friend once said to me, "if a guy has his shirt off in a psychic advertisement, pass him by".

 Have no feedback available. All sites these days for psychics have feedback (like everything else from books to hotels),  have feedback. Some person websites do not as they do not have the capability, but then find the person on one of those sites and check them out.My main site has over 20 thousand feedback responses.

For any psychic or "wannabe":

First, I do want to say that as we have reached 2012 and there is so much information out there on the metaphysical, that "wanna be" psychics are coming out of the woodwork. Some are people who think they have a talent, or that it is easy, others are just plain "people with issues". Many want attention and many hear voices alright, but that is because they need meds!

So things to beware of in people who claim abilities:

When they do not know Universal Law, the paranormal, the metaphysical, and know it well, they are not psychics. Our guides teach us before they unleash us on the world, and the lessons are constant. We learn always. But if someone doesn't know certain things,or how this all works, they aren't psychic. They should know how it all works, where they get messages from and how; Universal Law; the physics of metaphysics, or how THAT  all works; how to cross people over, remove attachments, ground themselves; how to not be fooled by the other side; where to go for metaphysical help (guides, angels, helpers, runners, gatekeepers, etc.), and more.

They know not to show off; not to scam people (because they KNOW karma exists and how it really works); they have good lives (when their lives are a mess, they aren't psychic); they are happy to teach others.

They never make general statements just to talk. They don't say things out of the blue that can fit a million circumstances, for example, "a little boy lived in that house"; "one person who worked there loved cats"; "there was a car crash near here one day". These are people just looking for attention and want you to say "Oh please tell me more!"

Fakes only make statements that can't be proven.

They ask questions instead of giving answers, like "did an old man live here?" or "how long have you been dating this man?".

Fakes won't know their guides, and/or their names, or worse yet, don't know that they have any. Those who claim a dead relative is a guide are fakes (or crazy). Your guide is a person you did not know in life and they have been your guide in ALL your lifetimes, so it is impossible for them to have lived with you.

Fakes are many times "over the top" dramatic, artistic, and imaginative (remember some people don't know they are fakes).

They are passive /aggressive . All sweet and spiritual, then hostile when you don't play along. After they are caught, you are the "bad guy".

They say the ever popular give away "no one knows". Those who truly are psychic and hone their craft DO know, read my blog on the subject for more information. They don't know, so they want you to think you don't, or they are just as good, that the quality people are the liars or the misguided ones. When they say "no one knows", find someone who does!

The fakes claim 100% accuracy.  This is impossible. People have free will, the Universe changes your plan or shifts a lesson, or how it is learned. A warning from an adviser can get you to change your path, changing your future. And the big one, not everything is cast in stone. Life is a combination of free will and destiny. Not one or the other.

The fakes make claims that cannot be backed up like "Number one psychic in Massachusetts", or "Voted top psychic by young adults". When they say they are a "famous radio psychic", and you never heard of them, they aren't all that famous, are they?

They claim their information comes from a holy source personally, like Jesus, a specific angel, or saint. These entities are NOT in the business of giving psychic predictions. The psychic gift comes from a higher source, but Jesus doesn't sit on a cloud shaking a Magic 8 Ball for psychics all day. There are several sources the information comes from, and it is all a higher source, but it isn't Archangel Michael, Jesus, Mary, or any of the saints.

They don't try to get more money out of you (this goes back to the scam part and Karma). When they tell you you need to have a curse removed, for a fee, or you have negativity around you and they need to remove it, for a fee, or that you need your chakras aligned, for a fee. Then move on quickly.

When they are pomp and circumstance and Ego, move on, those things BLOCK psychic ability, not bring it out.

Now going back to the nutty folks, they are sure they are talented, so you can't really tell them they aren't. Just ignore them, that is the best thing to do. They may be sensitive and overstating their abilities to psychic, and they may just be nuts. Just walk away.

The best thing to do is to get a recommendation from someone you trust. When you can't do that, watch for the red flags, and if at any time you feel uncomfortable. Move on!

Peshaui Wequashimese

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