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Metaphysical terms

Many times callers will ask for certain talents, or misunderstand a word used. The sad part is many terms are thrown around by people who don't know what the terms mean, and mislead people. Today for an easy Friday blog before my bi-annual week of rest, I am going to go over some terms.

Here are some terms you have probably heard, but many do not understand:

Querant- A person who asks questions about their situations to an adviser.

Let's talk about the "clairs". The prefix "clair" means "clear" , it is derived from the French language and talks about senses for obtaining information about the future. The clairs also can help some see past and present events. They are words to ONLY be used as describing divination skills.

Clairvoyant- Means "clear seeing" of future events. Nothing else. It means in your minds eye you can clearly see things. It means your messages come to you in visual clues and aspects. This "seeing" is not external, but on a screen in the seer's mind. It is symbols, faces, places, designed to answer questions for a querant.

Clairaudient- Means "clear hearing" of messages for themselves or others. It can be a word, or a sound like wedding bells.

Clairsentient- means "clear feeling", feeling the emotions of others or that the Universe sends as messages to demonstrate how a querant or person they are asking about will feel emotionally.

Claircognizant- Means "clean knowing". When asked a question by a querant, a claircognizant immediately knows the answer as if you asked them their name.

Psychometric - A person who can obtain messages by picking up an object. The energies where the object has been will be read and messages passed on. This is used mostly for past events.

Psychic- A person who is able to get answers from beyond the normal ways and means. A person who uses sharpened intuitive skills to receive answers in order to help others from beyond our normal 5 senses. They can see into the past, present and future and have a "clair" listed above or combination of them. They can get information on the dead although they do not directly converse with the dead. They sense spirits, and energies.

Medium- People who are born with the ability to directly converse with the dead.They can see the dead in different "states" from what they looked like at death to sparks of light. Different mediums see and converse in different ways, but it is always direct and clear.They can ask questions of the dead and get clear responses, these questions do not include psychic information of the future, but about the deceased and their lives and current situations.

Trance Mediums are not conscious of their messages and need to be told them later. Physical mediums allow a spirit to overtake some or all of their physical body to send messages. Mediums do not have to use either of these methods, but can just simply converse.

Psychics and mediums can also sense and communicate with the other beings out there from angels, guides, gatekeepers, to entities on the negative side of things.

Do not confuse this with seeing ghosts. When you think you have seen an apparition, it does NOT mean you are a medium or even psychic. You just caught the right energy at the right time. Anyone with an open mind and lack of fear can see a ghost.

Intuitive- A person who picks up on the energy in an area, which may come with some information, from a feeling to a name. They cannot however ask for information and receive it. They are like a radio, they get what is sent only. Everyone is intuitive, but true initiatives have this skill highly sharpened. They cannot control it, it just comes to them, but the information is still totally valid.

Scrying- Looking into any reflective surface for messages. A method used by psychics. An example is a crystal ball, however some also use water, ice and mirrors.

Tarot- A divination method used by psychics and non psychics. There are 78 cards divided into the major and minor arcana that used archetypes to send messages quickly and clearly.

Prophecy- The gift that allows people to see world events before they occur.They relay messages from higher sources.

Spiritual- A way of living brought about by a belief that there is a Higher Power in this Universe. It is living life knowing that we are here for lessons, and we try to learn them as best we can for hope of moving forward to a state of closeness to that Highest Power in another dimension (sometimes referred to as Heaven).

Remote viewer- A person who can send their mind and sense to another place across the miles to see and hear what is currently going on somewhere else. It is sending one's conscious to another physical place. This may or may not involve psychic activity and people can be trained to do this.

This is just the basics and scratching the surface. There is much more to it, and many more terms, but these are the most commonly tossed around. The sad part is today many WANT to be psychic. It has become popular where it used to be something that you were ridiculed for, even burned to death for. Many take intuition , which we all have, and try to present it as being psychic. Psychics can reach out and find answers, intuitives have information sent to them, if they try to seek information they cannot obtain it.

The hot ticket these days is mediumship. The only real mediums I have met are very pious , pure and genuine people. They have a very bright light around them, it is easy for a psychic (or medium) to spot a fake. Psychics also have a brighter light around them. There is so much to all of this, it is a whole class for another day. My psychic development classes actually have three full days of class schedules.

Don't be fooled by people who don't know the answers to how all this works, only those who are in clear and direct communication with their guides and the other side will have all the answers as to how the metaphysical world works. Metaphysicians will also have many answers but will not be able to describe the experience.

Many today not only fake things, or act things out because they really believe they have a skill, but there are also schizophrenics and other mental and emotional disorders that mimic psychic or mediumship skills. Beware the fakes and mentally ill.

Enjoy your week!

Peshaui Wequashimese

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  1. Wow! Thanks for the lesson. I had not heard of many of these terms. Very interesting post. Have a great week of rest.


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