Friday, June 14, 2013

Villlisca update

OK so everyone wants to know what evidence we have from be honest we are not finished with the video yet. Villisca was interesting , as usual but very different this time.

The most marked difference to me was that the "character" of the spirits was different. The first time we were there, we had spirits mocking us, imitating us and making "smart" but funny comments. It was all in fun. Even when the nasty male spirit from the attic spoke, he didn't curse or get offensive. The children who died there were singing songs, and playing.

This year we had several curse words, nasty comments and two "get out"s , one on a Frannks's Box and one an EVP.

No one got injured or strongly touched this year, but also, no one was doing dumb things that caused those events to happen. Last year two of the three episodes happened because someone did something they were explicitly told NOT to do. The other person was just flat out terrified, and the mean guy spirit couldn't resist having a little fun. I don't blame him, it was funny.

This year there were more spirits, but they weren't very nice. Let's face it, a nasty spirit roaming the earth would probably love to visit Villisca. How easy is that? We aren't sure, we know it can be done, but do not know how easy or difficult it is. However, I DID notice on You Tube some MORONS, yes, I called you morons, using a Ouiji Board to contact spirits in the Villisca House. Really? I mean that is like taking a flaming torch into the tanning salon to find the tanning beds, unnecessary, dangerous, and stupid. Unless you really are trained at spirit communication, assistance and cleansing, you have no business even picking up the box the Ouiji Board is in. It flings open the doors wide to anything and the floodgates frequently, and more often than not, allow in the garbage of the spirit world. At Villisca all you need are your ears and a recorder and you will hear much, a Ouiji Board is stupid, stupid, stupid on a good day and unecessary on any day at Villisca. Those morons...yes I used that word again, took a house where things were in balance and the spirits were coexisting well (the nasty guys basically stays in the attic), and tossed in a bunch of nasty dead people. Good going guys.

So all these morons allowed in the yuck , and then took their Ouiji Board and went home, leaving the YUCK there with the funny southern lady, the kids, Sarah Moore and who knows who else. How cruel! We were doing a Frank's Box session when we had a message that the spirit was trapped. The only way it could be trapped is some idiot took the door it opened for them (ouiji board), and left with it.

Now Villisca will be full of garbage. Pure garbage, spirits who tell you nothing of the afterlife, spirits who hurt people and have no redeeming qualities to their presence. The house is already chilling, active and informative, why bring in a dumpster and dump some spirit garbage into it?

There was something else that we figured out while we were there. We had a thunderstorm predicted for that evening. We were excited as thunderstorms ramp up the energy and frequently cause more activity or even some activity when there is none at all. We were excited....until after the storm. Everything stopped. The house was completely comfortable, no one around...Our founder and I were talking and I said that the only thing I could think of, was that it "shorted out". The activity level and energy level is so high there normally, and then ramping it up just took it over the top to where it basically "shorted out". Now it had to build back up again.When we got home and he consulted an expert, we found out that this is most likely what happened. When it got quiet, we took a nap, and came back. The first thing that happened (in daylight, around 6 AM) was the ash cleaning door on the heating stove in the living room , opened and fell to the floor. Makes you want to quote the movie "Poltergeist" , "They're back!"

I can only hope that the shorting out that happened blew some of the crap that the Ouiji Boarders brought in, WAY OUT to the spirit world where they belong. I don't even know if that is possible to be honest, but I sure hope so. We are scheduled to go again in September, and we will see how the atmosphere is then, if those spirits are still there, it won't be the same...hope they are gone.

The good news is that it is still a place where there is something going on all the time (Except right after thunderstorms). You have the whole house to yourself on overnights. The rate is reasonable and the people who run it are awesome.

Now if we could just keep people from having Ouiji Boards and seances , we will be fine. There is always someone who ruins things thru "good intentions", or what they think is a "good idea". There is NO REASON EVER, to use Ouiji Boards or conduct seances in any site today with our modern methods of speaking to the dead. Those old methods are intrusive, dangerous and unnecessary, only amateurs use them. People who get their "training" from TV shows and movies have no business conducting an investigation. How would they like it if a stranger came in their home one night , opened the doors wide and said..."hey everyone COME ON IN!!!" Then after all the drunks, thieves, lost souls of society came in, leave and go home and leave their house full of problem people? I don't think they would like it at all, but that is what they did to the spirits of Villisca.

We did get several EVPs, I have seven and I know others have some that I do not. I did get some video that I can't explain, and will be showing it to our founder who has much more experience in the video end of things than I ever will. We had the stove door, and a moving wind chime (all the windows were shut in that house, and no one opened the door). We had a few folks get touched, a moving (bouncing) floor and a vibrating floor (no the train wasn't going past at the time and it wasn't thundering). We had several pieces of equipment get turned off. We had experiences (being touched for example).

The group that is going with us in September is all highly trained and experienced. They all have knowledge in many different areas. They all are fearless....they don't own a Ouiji Board......this will be an EXCELLENT investigation, as long as there are no thunder storms!We have another excellent opportunity to have a great investigation.

Villisca is still a quality place to go , don't get me wrong, I just wish I could clear out all the bad crap. I know how to do it,  I just can is against the policy of these haunted sites to chase away their spirits.It was hard for me to hear the man was "trapped" when I know I could get him out, yet I couldn't. Hopefully people who visit will be more respectful to the house and people who will follow them in there. Like a wise man (Alexander Pope) once said, "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing".

Be respectful of the spirits and places you visit, you are doing yourself, the spirits and others who follow you a great disservice and even harm , when you do not!

Peshaui Wequashimese

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