Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Energy changes already happening.

There are energetic changes already happening, and they have been for a while now, to people for their next phase of being. Dizziness, headaches, sleeplessness are all signs of energetic changes that are going on right now. The sleeplessness is due to all kinds of random thoughts going through your head, messages that seem to make no sense and things not associated with your daily life.Some are getting psychic flashes, and this is a first for them. Some are already advanced enough that this is not happening, but they feel the change coming for others.

Cahos in the world is stepping up a notch too. Don't worry, the good side will win, but there will be a crescendo before the dust settles.

God works in mysterious ways. Bad things do happen to good people, but not just for no reason at all. God isn't cruel. God, The Universe, Allah is also no longer amused with how people have been behaving.

Before we come for this earthwalk. We make a deal. We are going to learn these lessons, have this type of life, do these things, and sometimes we say "I will sacrifice myself", it will be a short life, or a long and hard one, but well rewarded. God (the Universe, or whatever resonates with you),doesn't allow mass murder, natural disasters, and devastating tragedy just for fun.There is always a purpose. When we disregard the lessons, we suffer greatly for it.

There are always "wake up calls" in our lives. They may be a serious accident that you are lucky to survive. You may be the only one who knows you were asleep, intoxicated, or not paying attention when it happened. You always drive in such a state, and the Universe says....You aren't done here, WAKE UP. Sometimes these wake up calls are in things we see happen to friends or family members. Sometimes in the world community.

Sometimes people have it hard or have "special" people in their lives to help them inspire or teach others. "Bad" things DO happen to good people, but we contracted for it before this earthwalk.

This latest tragedy will be fixed, mark my words, the Universe isn't very happy with many right now. People who have skated along won't skate anymore. The more lax we get, the tighter the Universe will grasp things and put us back on the path, and this is as individuals, as a nation, and as a human race. Disasters always happen for a reason. Sometimes, they are Karma, but rarely. The Universe dishes out Karma in an individual manner, it teaches on a bold , large scale to get everyone's attention.

A friend, "Karma then is for those who don't go along their intended path, right?" BINGO!! Karma isn't just for "bad people" doing "bad things", it is for getting us back on our path, and Karma doesn't have to be life threatening. When we rush around disregarding others and suddenly crash into a closed door to the amusement of all our co-workers or even the general public, it is the Universe's way of slowing us down. It is instant Karma. You don't have to be an evil person to get Karma, Karma is a teacher, not a retribution.

Sometimes Karma takes years, sometimes it won't happen in the person's lifetime on this planet. It does happen however.

The energy is shifting, and those who disregard the messages won't get the benefits that those who do will, like that of a higher consciousness and guidance to abundance and help whenever they need it. Those that need a dose of Karma will get it, it won't be held off anymore. Those who are hateful, demanding, selfish, and egotistical won't have a good time of it. They can donate to charity,go to church just to be there, they can try to balance the scales, but it won't work that way , it never has. It is what is in your core being that will matter.

Even if you don't believe in a higher conscious change coming (and of course those who don't experience a higher consciousness and get left behind, won't say" I was doing it wrong", they will say, "see nothing happened"), it is still always the right thing to do to put other people first, don't play games, don't react badly to situations, don't be all those things your Mama taught you not to do. Don't be spiteful, sarcastic, abusive or rude. Things no one should have to tell you. Never try to silence others, as what they say is always something we need to hear. It may be to correct it in the world somehow, or it may be to influence us to see things differently.

...and no matter what, always do the right things for the right reasons. I only know a handful of people that actually do that.

Peshaui Wequashimese

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