Thursday, December 13, 2012

Treating sacred objects right!

There have been several blogs on this topic, and a reader emailed me yesterday to ask if all things used in any type of prayer, ritual or ceremony need to be treated special all the time.

The answer is yes. When you want to get into seriously doing spiritual work, you need to have the right "tools".  The tools should be in a toolbox that is protected and used just for those things. It doesn't have to be made of gold, but if you carry your drum in it one day, you don't carry your laundry in it the next day.

Each "carrier" or case should be cleansed, protected, and honored too. Our drum is in with sage and other items to protect it. It isn't tossed in a basement or attic and disrespected. It is honored.

Items are also only to be used with the right intent. Always in a positive way. A drum, flute, chalice, wand, crystal, has in it the energy it was "born with" and more importantly, the energy you put into it. Never use any item to send harm, upset, or negativity in any way. When you cannot find a way to do it positively, leave it to the Universe to take care of it.

I have spent many a time taking ritual objects that people have touched (no one touches my tarot cards), used, or basically abused, to clean, bless and clear the energy. I have only had to cleanse the pow wow drum once, but it was done immediately. Ritual objects need to be honored, protected and treated as if they are your grandparents. Treated in other words with respect and love. There are specific ways to do these things, and there are a multitude of ways, depending on the item and tradition behind it. When you don't know how, find someone who does.

Be mindful. Most people who have such tools would never think of using them for anything other than their intended purpose. They would never allow strangers or people who gave them bad vibes to handle them. They protect them as they would a grandparent. They don't bring them into places that are inappropriate or allow others (who don't know what they are doing), to handle them.

I am a stickler about keeping ritual items cleansed,heck, I am anal about it.When I have to suddenly use an item in time of need or trouble, I do not want to have to stop and cleanse it first. The key is to originally cleanse it, use it properly and treat it responsibly. Put it away in the right manner in a safe and protected place, and to cleanse it when necessary.

I have rattles that are only used for drumming, and others only used for healing, each rattle has a purpose and a way it is used. There are several tarot decks, drums, flutes, and such in my possession that I use just for a specific purpose . Some have more than one purpose, but they will be close purposes, such as the pow wow drum. All are kept with, love, integrity, and honor.

There are people who have objects they have no idea how to use or to honor. There are ways to cleanse every object and none ever needs being destroyed, but spending your life cleansing sacred objects is not only time wasting, but does take away from the object.

Be careful how , when,  and where you use an object, and make sure it is always for a positive purpose. Intent is important.

Be careful with that which you have that is sacred. People who follow Native American spirituality; Wiccan and other Nature and goddess based lives; religious people, and more, all honor that which they use.

Respect each other, and respect the item for it's use. There is an energy in that object. It has a purpose, and it is a spirit. It needs to be treated properly. It will teach you when you make a mistake, but when you blatantly disregard the true nature of the object, it will turn out very badly in the end.

Respect and honor that spirit always.

When mistakes happen, correct them and cleanse the item.

Do the right things for the right reasons.

Peshaui Wequashimese

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