Monday, July 1, 2013

It really isn't all about you.....

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Yesterday I was reading postings on Facebook and thought, we have slipped even further down the road. It used to be that there were too many "ME ME ME , It is ALL about ME" people in the world. Now they are still here, but they are trying to influence others to do and think as they do. Wait that is too kind, they are trying to force others to do and think as they do.

 Examples lately include the big "tempest in a Teapot" about Paula Dean. I really don't give a crap what she says in her personal homelife, I really don't give a crap what anyone does in their own private world. When you are insensitive or prejudicial, then it is up to the people around you to decide if that works for them or not and either put you in the balcony of their theater, stay around and teach you, or ignore your flaws. However when society then denounces a person and says to the world, "do not buy her products, watch her show", etc., they are just as bad, actually worse than Paula Dean. That should be an individual and personal decision. When her words effect you to the point where you decide not to buy her frying pans or coffee cake, that is noble. To tell the world she is the Devil Incarnate and not to buy her products is pure hate, worse than the hate of some woman who is a product of her time and circumstance. I am not making excuses for her, but the reaction has been ridiculous. Paula will bounce back, she will because not everyone will jump on the Paula Dean Haters band wagon. It seems there is a new team sport in the world, it is called, "ruin people who are liked or successful".

Another example is a temporary line of crosses that will be erected on the local waterfront. We have the "ME ME ME" people saying "You can't do that, it disrupts my sensibilities". No it doesn't , these are people who just want to make a noise about something. They are only focused on themselves. They say they are focused on the Constitution. The Constitution gets whipped out more times these days than ever. Everyone sees the Constitution with their own eyes, and demands that others see it as they do. That is diametrically opposed to the basis of the Constitution. The crosses are temporary, so "put on your big girl panties and deal". I doubt if these ladies shield their eyes when they drive past churches, synagogues, and mosques. I  doubt they tell a friend who may be wearing a cross to" take that offensive thing off while I am talking to you", but give us a chance to whip out that Constitution and get our name in the paper, and they are all for it. They have even called in the ACLU. I have to honestly say that anytime I read that the ACLU is involved lately, I think, here is another selfish idiot wanting the world to revolve around them. When I then read the story.....I find I am right. The ACLU has become a joke.

Maybe those people involved need to know my saying...Do the right things FOR THE RIGHT REASONS. Apparently they never heard it.

The Constitution was never meant to be a weapon to beat someone into submission with, but that is how many are trying to use it. The Founding Fathers never had a moment's thought in that direction, but that is where we are today.

Just because you CAN do something , doesn't mean that you SHOULD. We as a society need to do what is for the common good, not what makes your eyes personally feel better when strolling down the riverfront for a few days.

It really isn't all about you, not even close.

Metaphysically being self aware is good, self centered is really bad.Our actions, words, and vibrations effect all of those around us. With the internet they effect people around the world. How are we effecting people? When something is temporary, let it slide. When people are rude, point it out, maybe you will teach them something. I think most people are just clueless, not meaning to be jerks, but being so self focused they don't think how what they are doing effects others.

You are a stone being thrown into a pond, your ripples resonate is a fact. What are your ripples doing to the world? Think hard because it really isn't all about you at all, not for a moment.

Peshaui Wequashimese

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