Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mc Pike Mansion Part II Photo evidence

I finally was able to go over some of the evidence from the Mc Pike Mansion trip. I FINALLY obtained some photo evidence. It took a few years, but I did it. I also have 5 EVPs, they are faint, but there. There are actually two photos that aren't "orb" or light anomalies.

One is a mist that seems to be pink coming over a board lined with pictures of people who lived in the mansion. at first I thought I moved, as the pictures are blurry. Then I realized that the wall and other chair (on the left), are not blurry, and if I had moved the camera, all would be blurry. Then I spotted the mist in the lower RH corner. BINGO!

There is also a picture of a shadow that appeared while I was taking pictures of a grave out in the woods. There is nothing nearby to cause this shadow.There are trees, and our founder, Bill Miller was to my right. I saw it on my camera screen and took another picture, thinking I did something. We experimented, I didn't do anything, it is not a part of my body, not a strap (I never put straps on my cameras). The picture taken right after it has no shadow.

You can see the edge of the shadow spreading over the grave.Then it is gone.

I also have a couple of cool things , like a speeding "something". I can't even call it an orb, it is more like a mist taking off, but it does look like a ball.

I was looking up the stairs from the basement. The second or bottom photo is a cropped close up.The large bright square is sunlight coming through a window. The moving ball is not a beam of light, which is obvious by its' lesser intensity, and I know there was nothing there to cause it.

We had other experiences, pictures and video. We have yet to cull the video evidence from the whole, but we will get to it. Meanwhile, the Mc Pike Mansion did not disappoint!

Happy Hunting!

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