Monday, July 29, 2013

Mc Pike Mansion

This weekend a group of us from SIPI, did an investigation at the Mc Pike Mansion. It was a private investigation and we camped on the grounds after the initial part of the investigation was over.

Alton is a river town that could have been St. Louis or Chicago, but the whims of rail line builders and developers of the day, didn't allow the greater growth of larger cities. The town is however now becoming a tourist hotspot. Not only is it full of great little shops and restaurants, but it is haunted. Just about the whole town is. There is also a casino and the river for those who don't want to participate in the ghostly activities, including eagle watching in the cooler months.

SIPI however went to see what we could experience at Mc Pike Mansion. There are ghosts, and they don't confine themselves to the house. We were only able to go into the basement and wine cellar, due to the condition of the once grand 11 room mansion. That however,  worked just fine. The owners were able to place a couple of cameras upstairs for us, and that proved invaluable. Since the place is small (no one can go upstairs due to the condition of the house). We did something we don't always do, we had two people watching the monitors. It worked out well, four people spotted activity as it happened, including "bouncing" balls of light and shadows. Shadows are a big part of Mc Pike and not only did we catch one on video, I caught one in the daytime on my still camera.

We had spirit box voices, although they didn't seem to be able to use it well. One spirit however loudly proclaimed the name of a group member,and another said "danger". The "danger", I am sure was in the condition of the house , and I am sure the spirit was warning us to not venture upstairs where one could easily go through the floor.

The owners are very nice people and helpful. We were given all the help we needed, a history of the house, and all the accommodations we needed to camp.

I know we have video evidence, still camera evidence, and personal experiences. I have not had time to go over the EVPs yet, but will get to that as soon as possible. We left the video running all night, so there may be even more surprises there. Many of the group experienced "tingling" sensations outside as if there was low voltage electricity running through them.

Mc Pike mansion does do camp outs a few times during the year where you go in with others to investigate. There is more information at:


We also toured the town the next day and visited two cemeteries on our trip, one with open crypts (don't worry the bodies have been removed). It was a fun and exciting day & night!

On to the next investigation!

Peshaui Wequashimese

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