Thursday, January 30, 2014

Visiting Haunted locations

When we talk about going to haunted locations, we get a mix of responses. One is "You believe in that stuff?" The second is "Why bother the dead?". The third is "Can we come too!?"

The first answer is" absolutely" . I have had too many direct experiences that happened WAY before the creation of TAPS and GAC that were pretty convincing. Then I learned about how to communicate with my guides, and the information I garnered was very valuable.

Question two, "why bother the dead"? Why do people think the dead are being bothered?  Many approach people, come into their homes and even cause issues. When they cause issues we send them on their way, just as you would any misbehaving or unwanted guest. I would say from experience MOST spirits we have communicated with aren't bothered at all. They want to communicate, and many cannot see, hear or feel them...or are afraid of them, so their opportunities are limited. Some do want to be left alone, and we do leave them alone unless they are causing distress to someone living. Then we either make a deal with them to behave, or oust them.

The dead are the same people they were in life. The talkative, friendly, active people are still the same and have no problem interacting with you. The grouchy, nasty, unfriendly ones, are also still the same and either won't interact, or will be negative.

When we are told "we don't want to talk", we move on. We do not EVER provoke, demand, or force answers from spirits. We know we wouldn't want someone coming into our home and treating us like that, so we don't treat them like that.

Question three, "can we go too?" . The answer is "maybe". I have seen people come and go, they either get scared, feel guilty, worry about things following them home (which can be an issue if you don't know what you are doing), or act so badly that they ruin an investigation ( the biggest issue). Currently we have a group that votes members in, and they have to have experience. That doesn't mean we won't go on "ghost walks" and teach people, but we do not invite them on investigations, especially to client's homes.

When you visit a haunted location, please be respectful. How would you like it if a group of people barged in your front door and demanded answers from you? The "do unto others" rule applies to the dead also.

Remember also that the dead are active in the daytime, they are around you always, they are just who they were when they were alive, you just can't see them (unless you are a medium). Make sure that you treat them well, but if they "act up" treat them like a child who needs instruction or an intruder in your home, depending on the situation and severity. Make sure that when you need help, that you get qualified help.

Ghosts ARE people too.....

Do the right things for the right reasons!

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