Thursday, January 20, 2011


Many examples have come to me over the past week or so, of that age old habit that gets so many in trouble. Assuming. They hear what is said, but they sure don't LISTEN.

Listening requires you to turn off the brain voice for a few seconds. There should be no "forming of a response" before the person who is talking to you, has made their statement. The even bigger issue, is people only hearing through their filter of "what they WANT to hear" or "expect to hear".

From incorrect medical information to a few gatherings (three actually) the misinformation flew. It isn't me, because out of these four situations, I only was the originator on one, my wedding. I made an announcement to everyone (well not EVERYONE), just people that I usually see and speak to,who are family far away, or whom I see at gatherings. I also sent those close to me, a written invite with time, place, and what to expect. Matt did the same. We both had people misunderstand that, AND I had several people invite themselves to my wedding, after all, that was an invite, right ( no my house is small, we can't all fit in here).

Sometimes I wonder if maybe pictures and cue cards would work better. People need to stop and think, AND ask questions. A friend was recently ill, I would ask her questions, I know this is important stuff...I learned quickly that the only way to get good info , was limit my sources and double check with her.

I don't know how things can get so messed up. I can watch a person make a statement, hear it, and then watch another person totally reconstruct it, and blare out a ton of misinformation. I know it wasn't the person giving the information, I understood it.

The old adage says to never ASSUME....good advice. When you do and goof, let EVERYONE that you originally contacted, know that you goofed. I do it, nothing bad ever happened. Thank god I don't have to do it often. Maybe I just have a little more faith in myself, and am able to say "oops" easier. But there is a step that makes it so that you won't have to assume...LISTEN. Don't just hear what they are saying, but LISTEN, it is a totally different thing. Totally.

When it is important, ask the person you just spoke to something like " now I want to be clear, did you say NEXT Tuesday, not tomorrow, and after people are finished with their lunch?". It is that simple. So many hear part and want to run off and be the grand announcer, and don't get half the information correct.


Listen carefully.

Don't assume.

Ask questions.

It is sooo easy , but apparently soooo hard.

I hope that you all listened....

Peshaui Wequashimese

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