Monday, January 17, 2011

Using the whole toolbox

First a note: I am on the last chapter of my dissertation, and hopefully will be back to a more" regular blog " next week. I have to get the paper done, as I have a quilt to finish for my upcoming wedding April. There is suddenly "much to do", not that there was not before, but so many important things and so little time.

Recently a very dear friend of ours was taken to the hospital with heart issues, the end of the story is a happy one, but the meat of the story is interesting.

This was a wonderful life example of all the genres pulling together and bringing about a healing. There was reiki pouring in from a group, Native American rituals, drumming, massage, and other hands on healing modalities. Add to that visualization, prayer, and just plain positive thought, and the end result was a healing.

The initial prognosis was "gloom and doom", and within days went to "we can fix this". The fix required no major surgery. It is important to remember that although we have some wonderful healing tools at our fingertips, they work best when combined with traditional medicine. It is a powerful two punch that does what needs to get done.

There were lessons in all of this for everyone, and all good, healthy lessons.This really was a blessing in disguise!

Reiki does what is for "the person's highest good", and sometimes with gravely ill people, that means helping them pass. Reiki is an excellent tool for helping people pass, and I have used it in that manner, but to heal, is even better.

Make sure that you allow all and any help in time of need. Some genres are a powerful combination, and even though some approach things totally differently,allow the Universe sort it out. Whatever you do, never take away a person's free will, and always keep their highest good as a goal, that way you will never fail.

Learn, teach, and grow.
Do the right things for the right reasons!

Enjoy the week!

Peshaui Wequashimese

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