Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Life and the other side.

The last few years have been an exploration of life beyond this dimension for me. I have always known it was there. I have been psychic since I was born, and lived much of my younger years in a very haunted house (and then another year in a different one as an adult). For the longest time I didn't want a thing to do with those who wander along next to us, that we cannot see. There had been too many sleepless nights to delve into that area of metaphysics. After a while , it became the only unexplored place.

I started to tentatively look into that side of things. I did not, nor do not, consider myself to be a medium, but one does not need to be to obtain psychic messages that connect with those who have passed. A medium can converse easily with those who have passed just like having a conversation over coffee. That isn't my talent. I can get messages psychically.

Recently as I was preparing to send reiki to two individuals, I had new experiences that I am now able to know, mean that the person will not stay in this dimension, but will pass. It helps in a way. It enables me to prepare for the worst as best I can, and possibly prepare others.However, one can never blurt out "they are going to die", to family members and friends who are hoping and praying for that person. It is a tricky situation to be in.But I digress.

A few years ago I got brave. I started to look into the other side, from my surroundings, to cemeteries to Waverly. It was interesting to be in such a high energy place as Waverly and learn my signals and face the other side head on. Maybe it is from having people close to me pass, or the popularity of people like Ghost Hunters, but I took a deep breath and jumped in. I have leaned much.

Most people have an easy passing. They move to the other side without a hiccup. There are always helpers. The ancient Greeks told us of the psychopomps, the Bible of Angels, and the eastern religions of many who guide us through step by step. The Egyptians believed there was a guide that would be carved into pyramid walls, and servants would be killed to make the journey with the deceased. Some Eastern religions have a person sit with the deceased and read the " Book of the Dead", a set of instructions that safely guides them where they need to be. No matter what the steps are, each belief system has guides to take us across in some way.

I have found through real life experiences a few things.

Children, and people who are in some way mentally disabled are escorted quickly, lovingly and easily.

People can not know that they are dead due to a sudden death or nonacceptance.

Those who die while intoxicated, or high generally find themselves surrounded by beings that are not of this world, and not of the light. That is even in this dimension.

People who are criminals or who have lived a life of bad acts are frequently afraid to cross, expecting hell. They stay in between worlds.

There is no Biblical hell, although there is a definite "schooling" on the other side.

There are several days for the person to acclimate to the other side before any contact can be made (unless they stay in that "in between world").

You see what you expect to when you cross. When you lived a strict Christian belief, you will see angels with wings (they really don't have any), and golden light. When you are brought up in different religions, or none at all, you will see your picture of "heaven" or the other side, and eventually that will change into what it really is (which is exactly what you want it to be...).

There is school on the other side too, but it isn't the school of hard knocks we have here.

Suicides cross, get counseling and are sent right back to do it all over again and complete the lesson. They don't get to stay and enjoy the other side.

We all come back, but we can generally choose to stay on the other side as long as we wish before doing so (except in the case of suicides).

Hell is right here.

You can have another life in another dimension, even another place in this Universe.
You can stay in between worlds.

"Ghosts" are those who live between worlds or travel from "heaven" to here and back again. They may even just be recordings on the energy and repeat the same action over and over.

The other side will bring you to the prime of your life (usually in your 30's), but you can choose to be any age energy. You have no physical body, so can appear as you wish. This is why there are frequently "children" haunting places where no children were even known to be.

There is no more illness, pain, or sorrow.

The other side is not just our image of "heaven" but many places.
There are many beings, some which never walked this earth, including black shadow people, not every energy is, or was, ever a human or Biblical form like angels.

The other side is simply one of many dimensions.

The ones who have a problem with death, are not the dying or dead, but the living humans. We miss those who pass and sometimes have a hard time accepting that loss. It is harder in some instances than others, such as young children, murders, and sudden accidents. Those who have passed are healthy, happy, and home.

If you think that you have a person in your home that you cannot see, speak to them aloud. Tell them to turn around and look for the light and to go to it. This usually works, but there are sometimes reasons for a spirit to hang around, including some mentioned above. Don't try to hold someone here to comfort you. This is not what that soul is supposed to be doing, and the other side is a better place than the in between world. Don't hold them in limbo.

As I told someone yesterday, do not mourn their death, but celebrate their life.

Live each day as if it were your,last. That doesn't mean to empty your bank account or be irresponsible. It means just the opposite. Make sure you do not leave a mess behind. Make sure that you tell the people you love, that you love them everyday. Don't do evil, snide, sneaky, negative things. Would you like to enter the other side with the last act on this earth being one of ego, hate, jealousy, revenge?

It is all so easy. Every day, simply do the right things for the right reasons!!

Peshaui Wequashimese

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