Friday, May 27, 2011

Opening up

The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious
It is the fundamental emotion that stands
at the cradle of true art and true science.
Whoever does not know it is as good as dead,
and his eyes are dimmed.
Albert Einstein

Some people live in fear of the unknown. They feel that there are things we are not supposed to look into or search out. This type of fear comes always from the same source , the dogma of organized religion. Many are taught that things like ghost hunting, psychics, hands on healers, are all "bad" or "evil". Yet the Bible and other religious texts are full of the unseen, spirit, even an entity called the Holy Ghost. We are told to beware false prophets, but not prophets. Jesus and many others predicted the future, as did hands on healing. None of this is bad or evil, so how did all that get turned around?

The church. Back in the day, there was really one place that often had food, clothing, and a building that was strong and full of beautiful things. It was the church. Not all churches were rich and fancy, but they were in the business of bringing people in, and tithes. Money. Ever hear of a priest in the organized Christian church starving to death? Even in the darkest of times? No, of course not. The church was smart enough to bring in as many souls as possible, and to ask them to give. Some gave out of fear, and others out of guilt, but they gave.

The richest place on this earth is still the Vatican. Not Bill Gates house, or Donald Trumps's, but the Vatican.

To maintain that wealth, you have to have as many people as possible being members of the church, and giving. When people can find salvation, help, guidance,and socialization elsewhere, then the church goes broke. So they have to present themselves as the one and only "go to" authority for your spirit.


God, Creator, the Universe doesn't care a bit if you go to church every Sunday. What it cares about is what you do every day of the week. There are so many people out there who go to church every Sunday and treat others like garbage seven days a week. The Catholic Church will tell you that's OK, just make sure you get here before Sunday and communion, so we can forgive you for all that. I know Christ said he would forgive us for our sins, but I doubt he had that "sin all you want all week and we will make it better before mass" mentality. I think what he had in mind is that we can work together to solve any issue. Your "bad past" can be fixed, we all make mistakes....not carte blanche to do whatever you want and we'll worry about it later.

Open up to the Universe, it is what contains that Highest Power, not the local priest, a person you look to as a guru, or your best friend. The answers are always inside of you. People expect God (or whatever resonates with them), to have a clear, loud, and direct conversation with them when they ask a question. It doesn't work that way, at least not at first.

The other day as I began to try to send Reiki to someone, I was told "It is already decided." That was "loud and clear" , but what did it mean? I know now what it means from the experience that followed. Our "messages" from the Universe are frequently in the manner of signs,especially repetitive signs, and resulting actions. We have to open up to those messages first however.

Some people use meditation to do this, or pendulums, muscle testing, angel cards, or even tarot. There is only one thing that I will tell you to NEVER use, and that is a Ouiji Board. That opens the gate wide to all those things out there is all dimensions. Many never were human, many lie, and many try to take over your home, body or life.

Opening up is as simple as speaking out loud and saying "Creator (or whatever word resonates with you), please send me guidance and help me see it, understand it and accept it". Say that out loud everyday and MEAN it and you will start to "realize" things you never realized before.

Opening up is step one. Lose the fear that metaphysics is a bad thing, or that the supernatural is harmful.

Open up, there is a whole, wonderful Universe out there!!!

Peshaui Wequashimese

(C)2011 Dr. R M Reiter Wolf. may not be used, copied or reproduced without prior written permission.

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