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I get so many orb questions form day to day, if they were all orbs, we would be being invavded. I was trying to figure out why people get so excited about orbs, when serious investigation teams do not. Now, let me clarify that, REAL orbs do get attention, and rightfully so, but the majority of what shows up in pictures isn't an orb. Then since orbs really don't tell us anything, real investigators say "cool", and move on. So what gives?

I think the excitement of supposedly catching something paranormal without even trying is fun to some folks. They are interested in the paranormal, but not enough to tromp around in dark, dangerous places after midnight when one should be comfortably snuggled in their bed. I get it, trust me, there are times when I have said, "What am I doing here?". I have been in homes that are scarier than their ghostly inhabitants. The worst affliction lately seems to be bug bites. Investigating the paranormal is not glamorous, I can tell you that.

The "orbs" that people "catch" are usually water vapor, dust, lens reflection (or any reflection actually), pollen or bugs. Those little see through thingys that you get on your camera are not orbs.

Orbs do certain things that make them identifyable, the most notable is that they give off their own light. I have pictures of blue, red, and green orbs. They have color, and are usually smaller rather than larger. They move almost constantly, so you should see a tail or trail of movement in your picture, just like a comet. They don't have to be moving all the time, but taking pictures in rapid successtion, and then having an orb disappear after picture one or two is also a good indicator. They don't float, or follow air flow. They can do a u-turn or take off at a 90 degree angle in an instant.

The shape and thickness is also important. Orbs are "solid". Flash cameras can make them appear solid, especially pollen, and water vapor "orbs". Don't even bother to look for orbs at places like caves, shore areas, swamps. They will appear all over the place. Don't look in dusty buildings (that is hard when investigating sometimes). Don't look for orbs in the rain. Don't look for them anyplace dank, damp, or wet. Don't look for orbs when the pollen count is high, or air quality low. Are you getting the picture about how much can interfere with actual orb sightings? That is why most investigators don't get excited over orbs or even look for them.

I have a series of pictures that looked like thousands of orbs, then a mist, then was gone, all in about 20 seconds. I probably won't ever know what it was. It may have been simply warm and cool air meeting. It was outside at night.

The digital cameras are awesome for taking orb pictures, but beware, the way the older cameras are constructed will actually make orbs appear where they are not, there are two pieces of glass inside and any light source can reflect back. Newer cameras do not have that construction.  When you take a picture and think you see an orb, take an immediate second pic without the flash. Learn and know how to turn off your flash so that you can do it quickly.

I have heard people say "it looks like a face" in the orb. Orbs do not have faces, or any other human features. At all. Your imagination can matrix you into seeing a face, and some faces can even look quite like the photographer taking the picture, because they are reflections in water droplets. Orbs do not have faces, or any other imprint on them. They are just energy, like a tiny ball of lightning.

We have yet to figure out exactly what they are. Theories abound, and some say they are souls who have learned a fast way to travel by shedding their "human life" image. I think this is a good theory. The other part of this is that they are traveling through our dimension. This is important becasue it means if they are just "passing through" they may have nothing at all to do with the activity in the place. The activity maybe just made them more visible!  Others say they are vehicles for a large amount of souls to be transported quickly, a little metaphysical airbus so to speak. They are not angels, or anything of that kind. Angels have their own unique look, and it is nothing like you see on your Bible paintings pages, nor a round glowing ball. Nature spirits can appear as small lights, but they look very unlike orbs, and move in their own unique way.

Orbs give off their own light, that is why you should try taking a picture without a light source. No flash, no light coming in a window...nothing. You should see the orb light shining on objects, just like a candle or flashlight would.

When looking for evidence, the least reliable and informative are orbs. We don't even know if all real orbs are paranormal! They do not communicate or interact with humans. Look for other evidence of the paranormal. When you catch a real orb, it may help us understand what they are and how they operate, but do not use them as a standard.

It is fun to get excited over orbs, but they are nothing 99% of the time. There are a lot of easy ways to catch paranormal activity, try one of those instead (and I will say it again, NOT in your own home).

Peshaui Wequashimese

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