Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Did you come here for an argument?

Sometimes when I am doing a reading the Monty Python skit "Did you come here for an argument" pops in to my head.

Why do people contact psychics to ask a question to argue about the answer? When you are so sure that you have the right answer or view, why call?

The answer is that they are looking for someone to tell them they are correct, not to get any real answers. Psychic help is about real answers.It is not about making you feel better about making bad decisions. The argument may allow the client to vent some stream, and feel better, but it doesn't make the reader feel better, nor does it ever change the situation.

 If I were John Clease in the skit above and was getting paid to argue, than so be it. But my job is to deliver messages from a Higher Power, not to lie to people or foster their hatred and vitriol.

What do I do when I come upon people like that? I give them one more chance, after all , we can all have a bad day, but after the second time, I block them. I also block people who are prejudicial, abusive, sexual and hateful.

When you want advice from a psychic, take it as advice. Listen, try it, don't sit and argue about it.

This goes for real life too. It isn't about forcing someone to see your point of view. You can advise, try to teach, or recommend, but forcing someone to think or do something is totally unacceptable. Never give an ultimatum unless you are fully prepared to live out the consequences. Arguments are OK in life, it helps show different points of view, and resolves issues, even if it is an agreement to disagree. Fighting is a whole other entity and should be avoided.

Never allow a person to abuse you, even if they are paying you!

Peshaui Wequashimese

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