Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pendulum usage

First a note....there will be a blog break until Monday October 8. If anyone has any cool ghost questions or stories, send them in, after all it will be HALLOWEEN month.

I had a question today on pendulum usage. Who should use them, and should they be used for a specific purpose, etc.

Good question!

I have heard of people using them to choose melons at the market, while seeming kind of cool, it is debasing the pendulum, and I am not sure it really works! You see a pendulum's task is to connect with your Higher Self to find answers for direction. The answers will always apply to you, so when people say they do pendulum readings, what they are doing is simply fooling themselves.

ANYONE can use a pendulum. You do not need special abilities or training. You just need to be honest with yourself and allow the pendulum to swing as it will. I have seen people rock it purposefully and claim that they are doing nothing. I don't know if they really believe that, or they are just trying to fool people. I think that they are just fooling themselves, because it is quite apparent that they are moving the pendulum.

When you get a pendulum, you should cleanse it, and get anyone's energy off of it. Then you say a little "prayer", basically saying:  " Only my Higher Self and positive energy will influence this pendulum, no outside forces have any influence on it at all". They you ask the pendulum to show you which way is YES, which way is NO, which way is HAS NOT YET BEEN DETERMINED, and which way is YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW. Many folks won't like these options, they want a yes or no, but the pendulum doesn't work on your desires, it works on your Higher Self. Then you ask your question. Make it clear, and precise.

Remember that the Universe is very literal. I know of a person who asked the pendulum frequently if she was "going to be with so and so". The pendulum would answer yes. She would see him, frequently, but her question really meant "be with him long term". She saw him for a while and stopped using the pendulum. This man was married, he got a divorce, and he also got a new girlfriend. She was shocked. She asked why the pendulum would lie to her. I told her first, that isn't an appropriate question for the pendulum. One more appropriate would have been, "Am I doing the best thing for myself being in this relationship with so and so?" The question was also, worded would she "be with him" and she was, many times. Not only was the question inappropriate, but it was ill stated. It should have been in that context, "Will I be in a long term relationship with so and so".

Pendulums are not meant to be used to predict the future. They connect to your Higher Self. Sometimes the Higher Self knows where you are going in the near future, and you may consciously also, even though you may not want to admit it. The Higher Self is there to tell you what the best thing is for you to do for yourself in the long run. When used properly, pendulums are POWERFUL tools. They are especially useful in those situations that seem like there is no good answer. The "Catch 22" or "damned if you do, damned if you don't" scenarios. They help you make the best choice for your growth, health, well being, and your soul.

Not many people really want those types of answers, they aren't fun, they are like talking to your parents and getting advice. You know they are right, but you still don't like the answer most of the time. When you listen, good things happen. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but in the long run.

Use the pendulum properly, and you will have powerful insider information that is there for the taking, just ready for you to ask!!

Peshaui Wequashimese

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  1. they are also great for ghost hunts, in the burial chambers of many UK castles, the pendulum has spun around very very quickly!


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