Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Being thankful all year long.

A couple of years ago I started a challenge. The challenge was for people to think about what they were thankful for beginning with November first. It got everyone in the Thanksgiving mood, and the reminders of the holiday helped to remind people to be thankful. A nice little circle.

The idea is, that if you program yourself to be in tune with the Universe, God, Buddha or whatever you resonate with, then you become a thankful person, swimming in thankful energy and you have more abundance in your life. There IS something to be thankful for everyday, there is actually more than one thing, and this exercise trains you, and helps you form a good habit.

Lots of folks started the plan and some even went to the point of posting everyday (not a requirement, but OK to do) on social networking sites. Thanksgiving has passed and the comments have dried to a trickle.

Has anyone continued the practice? A few have and they will find things turn better and better for them, but where is everyone else? Don't you want a more thankful and abundant life? SURE you do!

You can do it in private, but make sure that you are still noting something every day to be thankful for. It may be something that happened that day, or something that has been ongoing in your life. It doesn't matter, don't be afraid that you will repeat something three months from now, that is OK, it also sends a message to the Universe. It is also OK to wait to the end of the day , or to name three or four things you were thankful for that day!

Being positive and seeing things positively, brings positive energy around you and makes things better everyday. You learn that even when things don't go exactly as you would have wanted or planned, that there is STILL something or things to be thankful for. Your whole mindset and energy changes, and it becomes a perpetual motion machine of bringing in better and better.

The Universe sometimes has to take away to bring in new, when we learn to trust and have faith, then we never fear, we never doubt and we never have harsh lessons. We learn that when things don't go our way, maybe that is becasue there was a better way. We have to look back to see the exact reason for things sometimes, but when you have the faith, you don't bother looking back, searching for answers, or sweating the small stuff. You just move forward.

Be openly thankful every day. Use a journal to make sure that you are doing it if you need is another push...the Universe said to get back on track! SO what are you thankful for today?????

Peshaui Wequashimese

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