Monday, November 26, 2012

Gut check time

Last week , when I was on "blog vacation", there were people who said "you should write a blog about..." more than ever. Maybe it was the holiday season, who knows, but there seemed to be a lot of folks asking themselves, "What are people doing, have they lost their minds?"

When I go back and review what people said about topics for a blog, they all came down to the same thing, people having some kind of presumption that they are better than, and act better than everyone else. Their way is the ONLY way, there is not an option.


Life is FULL of options. God, The Universe, or whatever you wish to call the highest power would not have needed to give us free will if their were no options! People need to take the "Holier than thou" crap and stow it. Prime example, those few politicians who said stupid self righteous things during the elections, along the lines of a child resulting from rape being God's will. Where are they now? Not in any office. People will tolerate difference of opinion, they won't tolerate egotistical crap.

The second part, and more important, because as you can see, the idiots of the first part do themselves in, is that people want others to conform, to do things a certain way, at a certain time, and tag "or else" on the end of that statement. Yet most times (not all), they will NOT do that particular thing themselves. They don't have the courage or the strength to do something, so they try to get someone else to do it for them. They need a gut check.

Before you try to coerce someone into doing something, you best be ready to do it yourself. When you think about it and decide not to, don't try to get someone else to do your dirty work for you. Some may have physical handicaps that prevent them from doing things, but even that is limited. I have seem handicapped people that you couldn't stop from doing things no matter how hard you try, and at the same time there is a person with a paper cut whining that they can't...fill in the blank.

When we stand up and shout, we best be ready to do things ourselves. Prime example, most multilevel marketers, another complaint that same in over the holiday weekend. The key to success in this type of "business" is getting other people, as many as possible, and the more the richer, to do your selling for you. The key is to get so many worker bees out there investing that you sit back and sip mint juleps.

A multilevel marketing program ALWAYS only greatly benefits the first guy in the door, and unless you invented the product or procedure, you will never be the first guy in the door. You can make money, but become a millionaire? No, the guy who got you involved will ALWAYS make more than you.

When you aren't out on the front lines, that can be OK, not everyone is made for every role. However, when you keep trying to get others to do your work for you, then you have a problem.

When Dec 21 comes around, the world will not end, but there will be that accounting so many worry about when they die. The accounting that says "you are on the good list", "you are not". Time is short. Groups are breaking up and reforming, change is in relationships, friendships, and the way we do things. It never was about "me me me", but it is even less about it now. Less to the point of ZERO.

I saw an interesting class description the other day, it talks about what I have been saying for about 3 years now. We need to shift and be that person that always tries to do the right thing for the right reasons (my words, but the same concept). It went on to describe who the people are that are going to be left behind, they sound like people who have been in my blogs. They are those that spread fear through email and social networking sites with stories of things that never happened (like don't open your door if you hear a baby crying). They are people who thrive on conspiracy theories and live in fear. They are people who believe and preach any hateful, mudslinging, smearing crap. They are people who want things to go wrong so they have something to whine about.They are people who put down others less fortunate, or who are of a different race (we all began as the same race people), belief system, or culture. They are people who first worry about how something will effect their pocket, not that child lying on the street starving.

They are people who do nothing while others suffer. There are people who do good only so they can brag about it. They are people who think going to church every Sunday, and donating to charities every now and then for bragging rights,  while being a jerk every other day, will save them.It won't. There isn't a tit for tat.

You can't play the Universe. You can't act like you are doing the right thing. You are or you are not. You aren't expected to be perfect, but when you know you shouldn't do something and do it anyway, that is a problem. When you do something to be hurtful or spiteful, when you spread fear, when you scam people, when the most important thing to you is your ego....Dec 21 is not going to be a good day for you. When you try to make others feel guilty when they don't' do what you want them to, or you use threats to make people stay with you or help you, when you treat anyone with disrespect, it won't be a good day for you. You won't burst into flames, but if you think your life is going downhill now......The new part to all this, is the people on the right side of the see-saw will finally get positive to flow towards them more freely. They will get rewarded where in the past rewards were not always immediate or visible. Now this will start to shift.

Do a gut check. Are you really doing the right things for the right reasons? Last chance, you have less than a month to go. And if anyone tries to get you into the latest multilevel marketing scheme that is going around, tell them, no thanks, YOU invest.

Peshaui Wequashimese

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