Thursday, November 15, 2012

Just the way it is supposed to be

Everything big happens for a reason, and some of the little things do too. Everything is in hand, and the only thing that makes the world go sideways is the free will of people. This doesn't stop anything, but it can delay things while the world is put to right.The free will of people does NOT effect the BIG things, just the LITTLE things. The world is just the way The Universe wants it, and just becasue you cannot understand all the intricacies, or like the results, doesn't mean it isn't so.

Everything is as it is supposed to be today. Everything.

You can gripe and complain and think of 10 things YOU don't like, but it is still the way it is supposed to be. Everything. This world is not without problems, but it is also NOT in the midst of some terrible, chaotic mess, downfall, or some other "the sky is falling" scenario.

I am so sick to death of people whining about things. Whining about their situations that they created. Whine about the weather, costs of things, who is President, and why don't they have a significant other. Whine whine whine about things they created! You see,  the Universe, which really is MUCH wiser than you, has it all in hand. The Universe cannot please everyone and it does not try to please ANYONE, so it does what is best for us in that time and space.

We may have a flat tire to keep us from getting to a place in the road where we would have a life threatening injury. The Universe knows MUCH that you don't, and is making things the best for us. Each of us. If your life is miserable, you need to look hard in the mirror, the culprit is there.
People wonder why they have a string of major financial issues, or breakups. Like Dr Phil says, what is the common denominator? The answer would be "you are".

We are each responsible for our own situation and our happiness and acceptance of it. When you are miserable and resistant to life, change, and new ways of doing things (or ways you wouldn't prefer), you will be miserable and unsuccessful for days on end. People who accept challenges, fix things, try new thinking, and keep positive attitudes are the ones who succeed and enjoy life. Like energy attracts like energy. These people aren't all healthy, or financially wealthy. They aren't all with partners, or invited out every Friday night to some fun event, yet they are happy, positive, and forward moving. Why? THEY CHOOSE TO BE.

Don't mire yourself in the muck of complaints, unhappiness, and for goodness sakes, wild stories, crazy conspiracies and lies. You waste your positive attitude, love and energy on those things. You attract negative, scattered energy to you, after all , you must love it since you seek it out and swim in it every day. This does NOTHING for you or the Universe you share.

Everything is just the way it is SUPPOSED to be. The Universe makes it so, and what goes on under YOUR roof, YOU created.

One word of advice for those who are young generations, I was discussing this with some young people the other day.....GO TO SCHOOL. Better yet, go to a trade school, or college. High school is NOT enough. You will never get rich on a high school education unless you are some genius who will somehow invent the next Facebook, and the odds of that are astronomical. People who struggle to make ends meet are people who never made it out of school or stopped before they should have. Young adults, it isn't too late, go BACK to school, or learn a trade. YOU are responsible for your life, your wealth, your happiness. You can't put that BMW in the driveway with an 8th grade education. There are several ways to achieve this. I worked 38 hours a week while I went to college.My single parent Mom who got minimum wage and I did it, all by ourselves!  NO EXCUSES. This is THE most important thing you will do for yourself in your young life.

YOU and ONLY YOU are responsible for your situation, your attitude, and your well being. The Universe has all the rest in hand, and when you work WITH the Universe wonderful things happen.

Focus on the positive and move forwards.Remove fear from your life!  Remove negativity, hate, and gloom and doom from your life, and MOVE FORWARD. Help, cooperate, and understand that not everyone needs and wants what you do, you are part of a world community, and sometimes that means NOT getting what you want today. Have faith in the Universe and when things don't go your way , say "there is a reason for this that I do not need to understand".

Accept, learn, grow, and MOVE FORWARD. Change your life, only YOU can do that too!

Peshaui Wequashimese

(C)2012 Dr R M Wolf. May not be used, copied or reproduced without prior written permission.

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