Monday, November 5, 2012

Holiday time

Halloween marks the beginning of holiday time in the US, it is 2 months of non stop fun, parties, shopping, decorating, and socializing. It is however a time to reflect. People get caught up in excitement, and even the epitome of non thinking, which is called Election Day. Elections have become too emotional. They shouldn't be, there should be no emotion nor hatred in elections, but there are.

Fortunately election day is almost here, and we can get the ridiculous crap that people try to pass off as "facts" off of the TV. No more political commercials...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That to me , is an early Christmas present.

Some people have started their thankfulness lists. Some are keeping them private and others are sharing them. Remember the main idea here is to learn to be thankful and think positively every day. It is a tool to make your mind see things in a different way. You will become more exacting. Instead of "thanks for my hubby", it can be "thanks for my hubby who was able to have the skills, knowledge and talent to put in my new exhaust fan and light in my new shower". I can see when I shower now! I don't know yet if that is good or bad though.

Then we swing into Christmas. Christmas has become a secular holiday. That is OK. The reason it is OK is that for many it means things like family, peace, being together and putting issues aside for a few days. It means seeing old friends, and laughter. It means helping others. It means the thrill of the hunt, searching for that perfect gift.

It is a good day, no matter what angle you reach it from.

Try not to speed through the holiday season. Try to take the time to be grateful, to be peaceful, to be truly THANKFUL. Those of us who live in the US, live in one of the most wonderful countries in the world. Even though my thankful list is kept private (I already have been doing the every day thing for a while now),today I am thankful for living in such a wonderful country. It isn't perfect, but then none are, it is however one of the best places on earth.

The holidays have all kinds of significance to all kinds of people. Some just look at it as a time when family is back together. They don't go to midnight mass, nor put a creche on their lawn. That does NOT make them bad people. There are some that need to, and want to keep Christmas as a religious holiday. Those who do not, are not bad, nor wrong. The day has morphed over the years, and the truth of the matter is, Christianity didn't invent Christmas. Seriously, they didn't. The roots of Christmas facts are for another day, and probably another month. Make the holiday what works for you, but do not impose your holiday celebrations or way of celebrating on others.

Halloween isn't devil worship, and Thanksgiving isn't a big favorite with Native Americans. People have different ways of celebrating different holidays, and it doesn't make them wrong or right.

Hopefully one thing that you will be able to see one day, is all of a situation, clearly, without emotion, and without being fooled or coerced into thinking the way people want you to think. Seeing things with the soul, by the energy, and with your intuition, is a million times more valuable than your normal five senses that constantly let you down!

Be what you need to be, but in the meantime always do the right thing for the right reasons.

Peshaui Wequashimese

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