Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Big booms, stop the fear.

The big booms are back in the news. This is the third or fourth time that I remember it being a big deal in my lifetime. Yes, this is NOT new.

People speculate,  and some joke (it was because I just ate 5 burritos), but then there are the ones who go off the deep end. They go right to FEAR. We just got past Dec 21 without the world ending, so now the fearful people of the world need something else to occupy their time. They claim it is the end of the world, that God is mad at us, and that the earth is about to shatter apart into tiny pieces.

All of that will make good movies, but it isn't what is going on.

The booms are constantly occurring, however when there is just say one a month, we don't really notice it. We chalk it up to a sonic boom, a young boy trying out his new shotgun, an accident, a large container being moved, or anything else our rational minds can come up with. When there are many, they are more noticeable. When they make the news, we are paying attention and hear them even more!

The booms are part of our world and noises that happen constantly. Many of the noises we cannot hear with our limited human ears, but the Universe is full of noise. Pulsars are the main culprit, and their "noise" is constant and regular. I remember in college listening to "space noise", it is a cacophony ! It is a good thing we can't hear it, it would drive us crazy!

So what are the noises? Some of them are totally normal, like sonic booms created by jets, industrial noise, trains starting to move, coupling and uncoupling, construction, industry, guns, fireworks, and all the other normal booms that fill our day when we aren't paying attention.

The rest of the noises are many and varied, but the most common are earth plates shifting (which by the way they do all the time, in some places more than others, but they are always moving); electromagnetic noise from space; a noise that builds and gathers from communication sources (phones, radios, etc) it creates a level where waves cross and BOOM; electromagnetic discharge, much like lightning; natural radioactive discharge.

We are constantly bombarded with electromagnetic fields, we create them, and they occur naturally. Just like static builds up and releases in lightning during a storm, the man made discharge happens also, but there isn't a storm. we create it with all those electronics that we so lovingly use constantly.

The internet is full of crazy speculation about the noises, and many of them promote fear. Yesterday I wrote about the fact that we as a people need to stop putting so much fear, anger and hurt into our world. It does NO good, and making people fear is a form of bullying. Make sure that you spread correct information and NEVER spread fear. Check out everything before you pass it on.

The earth and our Universe if full of mysterious and wondrous things, but it is not a place of fear. When you live in fear and make decisions out of fear, you ALWAYS make the wrong decision!

Live a fear free life!

Peshaui Wequashimese

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