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Metaphysical look at suicide

Suicide was a topic that came up a few times...yes the magic THREE, yesterday. I was going to write about it , but then thought I would just reprint an article, as this one pretty much says it all from a metaphysical viewpoint.

Suicide is, in most cultures a big negative, resulting in anywhere from shunning of the family to not allowing the person to be buried in sacred ground. That however is all dogma. Dogma can drive anyone crazy and is just the written way of a particular group, culture, religion. The Universe is not ruled by dogma, it basically means nothing in the end. Universal Law trumps dogma any day. So what does Universal Law say about suicides?

Before we get into that , a reader questioned at one time if all the following blog were true as someone they read about had a suicide for a guide. Suicides will NEVER be guides. How can someone who couldn't cope with life, coach you through your worst times? The answer is not that "they had been there", because yes they have, but they didn't find the answers, and guides are there to show you how to find the answers.The success, not the giving up.

Suicide is not an answer at all in any way. It certainly isn't an answer for those left behind, those who usually end up in therapy. There is nothing OK about suicide, and maybe reading the metaphysical part of things , the Universal Law part,  (not the dogma you already know), will help.

 So here is a blog for January of 2013:

I received an email a couple of days ago from a friend that was curious about what happens to suicides when they die. I had tried to share some real information with someone the other day, and they didn't want to hear it, simply because it would shake up their investigation methods and results. Where I come from, shake them up! We need to make sure we are all doing a good job when we investigate.We want to learn, we want valid information. We don't pass on information unless we know it is valid.

My information comes from first hand experience, questioning guides, information from teachers both local and worldwide, from mediums who work ONLY at mediumship (in other words they aren't the check out girl at the local supermarket during the day) , and one very rare instance. That instance is a person who killed themselves (or tried), and was brought back. It can't get much better than that. The other information is from not just asking these sources about suicide, but the other side in general.

The part that lets you know the information is valid, is that all these sources (that are talented, respected, and educated), all say the same thing. There have been little personal experience differences, but the main theme stays the same.

I won't go into great detail, it would be a  "days long" blog, but here are the basics.

Suicides do not go to Hell. There is no physical or even energetic place called Hell. Hell is a state of mind and being, not a place or a punishment. There are several levels of what we call "heaven", which again is not a physical place. You can be in lower levels of "Heaven", but there is no "hell".

Suicides DO however have specific things happen that are "hellish". The Universe always offers options, you may not like all the options, but the choice is still there. The choice is not to cross all the way over (we all have that choice), but to stay in that in between place, or cross and re-do the life you just left.  Now if you or I died of natural causes, we could go haunt our friends, or stay in the house where we grew up. Suicides however, stay right where they are. They are not given the privileges and license to roam around just like everyone else. It is part of the deal for having left class (the school of life), before they were finished.

The second choice is come back here and do it all over again. No "cocoon" time in what we have called Heaven, although it is an energetic place it is not a physical space up in the clouds. Cocoon time is a healing time/acclimating time we can all choose to have when crossing all the way over (again I am not going to go deeply into all this right now). So , again, no perks, no rest, no playing golf with Albert Einstein, just "get back to school". The life is just as hard, and the lessons are exactly the same.

Many suicides are fearful of Hell,  and I have crossed a few over after reassuring them that there is no "burning in Hell" awaiting them, but there is work to do. Some choose to still remain, but  in the same place.

They don't get to have the same options and freedom of movement open to all who die from outside causes. Why would they?  I mean you don't have to be able to converse with the other side to figure out that there is going to be a price to pay. It isn't literally what we read in the Bible, but figuratively. Each belief system has a similar way of saying that suicides have different and lesser options. Even in the "ghost world". Not crossing all the way over, doesn't get you out of the limits and payment due, for choosing to end your life.

There was a second part to this email and I will touch on it also. The question has been addressed in this blog before. How do you know you are getting valid spirit information? Unless you are a good and experienced psychic, or medium, you can't figure out if a spirit is presenting itself as someone else or not. There are also entities that can present themselves as human spirits which are not. There are also psychics and mediums out there that don't have a clue, who were never trained, apprenticed or honed their craft. It doesn't make them "bad people", but it makes them a little less reliable. Do you want a specialized neurosurgeon of 30 years operating on your brain, or the kid just out of med school? Experienced mediums and psychics know when something is playing games.

There is much to say for personal experience in this field. You see things and learn. There isn't a great handbook, although there are some great books out there, you have to read many, it isn't all in one.

This is one reason why we NEVER use flashlights to communicate with spirits. First of all , flashlights that twist will arc, repeatedly, that is NATURAL PHYSICS. It WILL happen. Period. So there you are asking questions and getting all kinds of flashes that mean absolutely nothing. There are too many valid ways to communicate, so why use a flashlight? The other reason is what I was writing about a couple of sentences ago. When a flashlight is flashing how do you know it is valid information? How do you know who you are talking to, REALLY know? You don't.

I know when I die, I am going to go tell ghost hunters I am whatever ghost they are looking for when they use a flashlight, how will they know who I am??? I will pass on all kinds of inaccurate information, I'll teach them not to use a flashlight.

Getting back on topic, suicides are not allowed the luxuries we all are allowed when we die. They can cross all the way over , get a sort of counseling, apologize to the living even. But they have to do it over again the same way, with the same lessons and life. They are not punished in "Heaven", but they don't get to go hang out with live friends at the local bar either. They don't get "feel good things", those are not available to them.

I asked a few experts if there could be exceptions to the rule, could one figure out a way to sneak out of this? They all say they have never heard of such a thing, and their guides tell them "no" (mine say the same thing), if one spirit has figured out a way, I suppose it is possible in a one in a billion situation, but the Universe would quickly know and put an end to that. So they would visit the local bar for about 1 second, and that would be the end to that.

I asked two of my former teachers (and one asked 3 of hers), if a suicide could be at their home if they killed themselves outside the home, the answer was, "unless it was in their garage or immediate vicinity as in on their property, no way".

There is much to learn about the "other side" and some great information out there.

The person who tried to kill themselves and was revived? They had many people, beings, and voices around them shouting that they did not want to die this way , to go back, that it was not the best way, they are not supposed to go now, they aren't finished. They said it was almost impossible to understand all the shouting, but they got the message, especially their grandmothers shouting "NO NO NOT THIS WAY"! They were revived, and that was 18 years ago. Apparently they still had a lot of work to do including being a parent.

When someone tells you "we don't know what happens on the other side", THEY don't know what happens on the other side. Many have been there in energy or in spirit and share with us on return. This is nothing new. There are even books on it dating back decades. We do know, and it is complex, fair,  and beautiful. It is also information that IS open and available to us now. One teacher said to remember that no where in the Bible does it say we have to, or automatically go to heaven when we die. That is what is preached, not what is written. That may explain all the ghosts around! I know from experience you don't HAVE to go to heaven, and I know that the souls who are here are NOT "poor lost souls", many feel sorry for them. There is no need to, it is their choice.

I will say this , if you in any way are thinking of suicide, don't do it. Even though you won't "burn in hell" the options aren't good. When life is bad this time around, doing it again , just the same, won't be easier! Staying in spirit at your death place is not going to be fun either. Seek help, and LIVE!

Peshaui Wequashimese

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