Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April showers....

April is usually a rainy month. Even if you live in the desert, it is rainy, but desert rainy does not equal Oregon rainy. They are two totally different things.

Mother Nature always knows best. She sometimes throws us a huge curve ball while she is cleaning house, but we have to remember we are just freeloaders here on Gaia.We take from her and , unlike the rest of the flora and fauna, do not give back.

Giving back means planting trees, cleaning garbage, driving economically, using heating and cooling wisely.Don't spill any kind of chemicals in or on the ground, or even make loud noise (radios, machiery etc).No wasting resources, they are a gift, treat them as such.

Sometimes Mother nature is heavy on the extra resources, like water. There is water everywhere. Gaia is just taking her spring soaking. Getting water where it needs to go. We , as humans have mistakenly thought that it is OK to build on river banks, shorelines, and in low lying areas, then we are surprised when every now and then , things flood. There are catastrophes no doubt, but water seeks its' own level. It is doing what Gaia and the Universe have taught it to do, and it does it well.

Water is a symbol of emotion. Maybe there is too much over reaction and "over emotion" in the world today (I can sure see that). Maybe we just need a clean up, literally. Maybe all that prayer for rain from last year is finally being answered. (By the way, NEVER pray, drum or ask in any way for rain, sun, wind... Creator, God, Gaia, know what is best, not you.) There are Yearly rituals in Native American society where abundance of fertility is asked for, but Creator is not directed as to how, when and how much. We need to trust Mother Nature, even when we feel she is being a little too heavy on the resources.

You can ask and pray for clarity about why things are happening so you (NOT Creator or Mother Nature), can make changes.

Water seeped onto our back porch. We did repair that we should have done eons ago, but now it is done and all is well. Ask the Devas and Water sprites to keep your home safe...now if there is a life lesson in having you house water logged, get the message and the lesson and move on.We were going to create a classroom on that porch. I was all ready to arrange furniture and pretty it up....mother nature said...ready the building before making it pretty and comfortable. She is right, as always. Now that task is complete, and there is more to do.

When anything happens, NEVER look at it as punishment, look at it as "what is the message here". There is always a reason, just finding that reason is sometimes difficult.
Work with Mother Nature, and read her signs...she sure is trying to say something!

Peshaui Wequashimese

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