Friday, April 29, 2011

Going too far....."soulmates"

There are so many lately who are taking metaphysical beliefs and practices way too far. The "hot spot" lately is in the "soulmate" category. When people say the "S" word, I want to scream. "Soulmate" is a new age thing, it is not a concept the Universe has had for you since time began. There is a belief that some have that there is one and only one person that we are "supposed" to be with.


It has gone way too far. So far this week I have a experienced a person who is about to lose her job becasue she won't leave a co-worker alone. He and his girlfriend are trying to get her removed from the workplace because she is so persistent. Another insists a man is her "twin flame", but he keeps telling her he isn't interested, and married another girl. She is still insisting she feels his love for her everyday. Another hasn't physically met her soulmate in 3 years of emailing each other.Yet another feels her soulmate is her Catholic priest (at least that one is possible).

Buying into the Soulmate stuff , first of all, limits you. When you have the hots for someone and they don't want anything to do with you, you are wasting your time and allowing Prince Charming to pass by you unnoticed. You also make a person, whom you profess to love, feel very uncomfortable. Secondly, when taken way too far, you can lose your job, have a restraining order put against you, and have the person of your affection hide so well you will never see them again. That isn't soulmate, that is criminal.

I do have to say that from the conversation, one of these people was clearly mentally ill.

When a person tells you "leave me alone", "stay away", or anything of the kind, then please, leave them alone! When they are married to someone, they are NOT your soulmate, and didn't just realize it yet. When they threaten to make you lose your job, or get a restraining order against you, go away!

What people misconstrued to be the romantic "soulmate", is a person in you soul group (there are 111 other people in there with you), who is the person, who at that time , plays the most important role in your current life lesson. It can be a teacher, sister, boss, neighbor, but it is rarely a lover. There is not one person that God chained you to before you came to this Earthwalk. Sometimes certain folks have karmic work to do, sometimes it is with an old soul from another life, sometimes not. But that karmic work is a lesson, not a rewarding romance. Having a burning passion on your end doesn't create a "soulmate".

When you are in a relationship that is horrible, abusive and damaging, that is NOT your soulmate. Just becasue you love that person, doesn't mean they love you. If they abuse you , they do NOT love you at all!

Be very careful what you hear people "spout" when they are talking what they claim to be metaphysics, because I can tell you, it isn't in there!

I will sign this one today...

Dr. Regina Reiter Wolf, BA psychology; PhD, Metaphysical Sciences.

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