Monday, April 4, 2011

Thank you!

I just want to take the time today to say THANK YOU!

Thank you Matt for being my husband and life partner.
Thank you Deanna for helping with the ceremony (we all loved the fox tail, especially Sedona and Anita!)
Thank you to all who came and shared our day, and weekend with us.
Thank you Black Eagle Spirit Drum for your wonderful songs, and love that you put into every beat.
Thank you Toni and Bill for making the trip,sharing your vast knowledge, and taking the time to facilitate the wedding. Thanks for your help and laughter.
Thanks to all who read the Thanksgiving prayer.
Thank you Doug for your, always wonderful, flute prayers.
Thank you all who shared in the ceremony.
Thank you Jim for giving me away (should have held out for the horses), Cabo, and the wings.
Thank you Julie and Karen for helping set up.
Thank you again, Black Eagle Spirit drum for serving our guests.
Thank you all for your laughter, kind words, and sharing.
Thank you to all who were totally out of their comfort zone, not knowing a thing, but attending and jumping in to participate.
Thank you Creator for all of these wonderful people, and for seeing them all home safely!

...if I forgot anything...THANK YOU!

...and thank you Universe for bringing us together!


Peshaui Wequashimese

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