Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mother nature is the boss lady!

Someone asked about my comment as to never drum, pray, or shout out loud for a weather change. Why?

Well first of all, do you think Creator, God, the Universe, Gaia, doesn't know it is raining, snowing, arid, windy....???? Of course they do. Do you think that they are just causing this to happen because they have nothing better to do today?Absolutely not.

The Universe does things because it HAS to. Sometimes the need is caused by man messing things up , thinking he knows better. He pollutes and extra wind and rain need to be sent to clean up the mess. Man builds where he should not, and weather and earthquakes take care of that problem. Man treats Gaia badly and weather, eathquakes and volcanoes go crazy. Sometimes man just gets a little too big for his britches and needs to be reminded that he is NOT the one in control.

When The Universe is telling us to stop and clean up our act, our response shouldn't be, "stop correcting us". The planet knows what is best for it, and what is best for it, is rarely best for us in the short term. In the long term however, it is GOLDEN.

I cleaned up water out of my inside back porch , got messages about how to restructure and build a classroom there. It wasn't inches of water , more like a constant wet spot that engulfed half the floor, but it got me thinking, planning, and ready to move forward. It also got us to see and repair other issues before they became a big deal. Never once during all this did I whip out one of the several drums in the house, chant or pray. I DID ask my helpers to give me the energy to help clean it, and the knowledge as to what needed to be done and where the water was coming from, so Matt and I could repair it. I asked my protectors to protect everything from water damage. It all happened. No water damage, repairs made, energy enough to spare, and all is well. Bonus, a great message and information.

The Universe in EVERY instance knows better than you. When in a situation like rising water, ask for what is for your highest good, or to quickly learn what you need to from the situation to move past the current circumstances. Ask for help, but shouting "STOP" to the heavens , is not the answer. Gaia may just need to wash all that pollution away. She may need to refill wells that went dry or were close to dry last summer. She may need to refill ponds so that fish and animals can survive. She may need to cause growth where there was stagnation last year. She may need to clean out trees that no longer are healthy. She may need to save plant life that is on the edge of dying from last year's low rainfall.

Learn to dance in the rain!

We do not know what is best for this planet, only it does.

Let her do her thing....

Peshaui Wequashimese

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