Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Have to have the negative. Shamanic wise words

After having another conversation about Bliss Ninnies yesterday, I picked up a book I have been reading off and on. It is a book about some of the most powerful healers in the world. These healers never went to medical school, and heal the way that their people have for thousands of years. They are totally giving and heal whomever comes to them, but there isn't a bliss ninny among them.

I realized that each one of them says the same thing, in different words. The same thing I, and many others have been saying.It doesn't matter if they are Native American, African, Asian, they all say the same thing. We can't have just all good (or all bad for that matter). When we do, we are no longer in this dimension. We are in "heaven", or whatever word you want to use. It is like living on the North Pole and praying for 90 degree weather. It isn't going to happen. It is against the rules of nature, and we cannot manifest what is beyond the natural rules of our Universe.

People of the Bliss Ninny genre, act all nicey nice to everyone and think that makes a peaceful little corner. It doesn't . Many times the people they are all being so nicey nice to, know exactly what they are doing, and that creates more resentment than just honestly staying away. One person said it is like the old westerns where the man pats the woman on the head and says something like "anything to amuse the little lady". Not to mention it is being a total hypocrite, and how anyone thinks that being a hypocrite and trying to fool others, brings peace to the world, is beyond me. It is flat out dishonest. Maybe they are hoping we are all idiots. Maybe they added being phoney and lying to "good things" we should do.

The most recent words I read, were from a Balian named I Gusti Gede Raka Antara, who says, "If you learn about the right side (good/positive), you must also learn about the left (negative, evil). ...The left and the right sides, or good and bad, are always joined. You must learn from their interaction and not be over concerned with either maximizing or minimizing either side. This is the way of wisdom. It is also the secret to power and the very essence of the deepest love and compassion.

Another healer from the area states,"What is right is that they follow their natural way. Some must follow the left side (negative). That is not wrong....We think of good and evil in a different way than Western Philosophy. We believe that God can be evil if he makes something "bad". On the other hand, we recognize that evil can make something good. when that happens, evil becomes good.(That is why there is evil in the world, not only do the powers that be want it, but of course they CREATED it).

These healers realize that we do not know better than God, Creator, the Universe. We cannot walk around all the time "loving" everyone every moment. It doesn't help a thing. Flowing with their natural tendencies however, CAN make a positive change. When we are told to "love" others, we are told to "do them no harm", not to act all fake in their faces and to treat them badly. Bliss ninnies have a misguided definition of the word love. They must, as I have seen them repeatedly do the most hateful things.

She goes on to say that "we learn good is always bad from some point of view and bad is always good from another perspective".

The truly wise never live in an extreme, it is not natural. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Bliss ninnies pave that into a 4 lane highway every day.

There always needs to be a balance. A yin and yang, a positive and negative, the good and bad, the black and white. Without the other we cannot ever really know either one. Really loving someone means being honest with them, and being forthright with them, not hiding behind the word "love" and fake hugs.

No one who always sees positive in the world can ever be totally trusted. Everything they do, even when harmful, will appear to them to be a good thing...sort of like the people who blow up abortion clinics, killing people. We already have too many extremists in the world from Muslim extremists who blow up innocent people, to the Westboro Church in MO. Bliss ninny world is an extreme, unnatural and more harmful than good, but of course they will never see it that way....

When you live in this dimension, you need to live to its' laws (or bang your head against the wall all of your life). When you live in the "heaven" dimension, bliss ninny all you want to.

 Denial solves nothing.

Do the right things for the right reasons.

Peshaui Wequashimese

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