Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New month, new moon

New month, new moon, new beginnings.

What is the "new" that you want to bring into your life?? It is the perfect day to manifest anything new. But remember Universal Law.

People who read things like The Secret, and didn't fully comprehend it, think that you just ask for say a new job , and you get one. It isn't that easy unless you have done the prep work. Think about it this way. Say I want to manifest a better job, yet my job history is terrible. I have no references as all my former employers would say that I was not eligible to be rehired. My education does not meet the minimum criteria. Then I am not going to get that job no matter how hard I try to manifest it.

The prep work always needs to be done first. Universal Law will not break natural law nor man made law. It won't allow you to make a new car appear in your living room, nor make a wrong happen to someone that would be akin to breaking a law, assault for example.

Universal law will not allow you to harm another. When you and Bob are both completely eligible for the job, and Bob needs to feed another child, Bob will get the job, unless the Universe has an even better one lined up for him.

Manifesting does not mean getting what you want, when you want it, by sitting on your butt. Like everything in life, rewards through the Universe need to be earned in some way. The Universe delivers exactly what you need when you need it, automatically. Sometimes life lessons step in , or the Universe trying to guide you in the direction that you NEED to go, which may be different from where you want to go.  You can manifest what you want, but it may take years. You have to complete high school before being President of IBM.

Be careful what you ask for, it may be more than you anticipated, or even less. Remember that the Universe is literal, and that it doesn't reward those that do not reserve reward. In other words...Karma steps in.

Do the work , do not expect the Universe to do it for you, but to help you achieve your goals. Make realistic goals, and realistic time frames. Make sure it is part of your path by muscle testing. When you have everything set up just right, there is much that you can achieve and achieve quickly.

Think about the newness that you are prepared for , and ready to move forward with, then MANIFEST it to fruition.

Peshaui Wequashimese

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