Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yes, things still are changing.

Callers ask all the time lately , why things are changing so much. Their jobs, personal lives, and even where they live. For a couple of years now, many of us have been writing about change. It isn't crazy change like the end of the world, but more of a change in awareness, connection to higher realms, and more powerful manifesting. It is people grouping together with others more like themselves in the way they live life. It is about rewarding those who walk their talk, with more powerful manifesting abilities, a closer connection to the highest power, and sharper intuition.

Yes, "the change" is still going on, and yes it is something that will be felt more and more. It is the Universe sorting things out. Putting people who are real and true in one place, and false in another. Putting people who are honest and hardworking in one place, and those who are untruthful and lazy in another. This causes friends to change, social groups to dissolve and  reestablish as a new and different entity. It causes relationships to break up, and jobs to be changed, lost, or eliminated.

The change began years ago, and things will be pretty much sorted out by the end of the year. Then the changes begin. Those who haven't realized how they need to b,e will most likely not feel a thing. They will however still ask why the Universe punishes them, and wonder why their lives do not go as well as others. They will wonder why they are with a person that doesn't make them happy, and why they can never get ahead financially. They will say that they are good people, that they went to church, took spiritual classes and gave to charity....not realizing that is not what it is all about. It is all about walking your talk and walking a good one. It is about authenticity. When a person goes to a class and becomes a Reiki Master for instance, then does not LIVE as a Reiki Master, then as far as the Universe is concerned, you aren't a Reiki Master. You can't fake out the Universe.

It is all about trusting the Universe, living a good life, meaning, harming none. It is about following their own heart, not a guru. It is about making hard decisions and not being involved with groups or people who do not have others best interests in mind. It is about speaking up and telling people when they are wrong, and not living a cowardly life. It is about helping, not enabling. It is about truth, honor, and respect.

It is not about hate, gossip, retaliation, pride, ego, greed. It is not about cheating, living above your means, doing spiritual rites and religious rituals that you are not sanctioned to do. It is about not putting on a false face or pretending to be someone's friend and telling themselves it is a way of achieving "world peace". Two faced people are among the worst in the eyes of the Universe.Pretending to like someone or be their friend, isn't "peace", it is being dishonest to the person you are pretending to like. It isn't a positive Universal trait for sure.

There is much change going on and those who are more aware see it.

There is not one path that you need to follow, and path will do that is one to Universal balance. Universal balance means there is negativity in the world. It is how you respond to that negativity that makes the difference. There will always be negativity, but when you foster it and allow it to dominate, then there is a problem. We need the Yin and the Yang.

Hypocritical behavior won't get you on the good list, nor will ignoring "wrongs". The new change that is coming is not for the cowards or faint of heart, it is for those who are strong, honest, open, and positive. It is for the authentic.

To get there, do the right things for the right reasons. Walk your talk and make sure it is a good one. Make sure that you are still learning and growing. Stop faking it, it won't work much longer!

Peshaui Wequashimese

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