Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spiritual phenonema or "self"?

There seems to be an influx lately of people that are fooling themselves. You may say this happens all the time, and it does, but for some reason (maybe all the metaphysical and supernatural TV shows), people are thinking and believing that they have abilities or ghosts in their house. Don't get me wrong, I love those shows, they are bringing so much valuable information into the light. Remember however, that these folks are still learning new things as they go, and the authentic ones are a valuable resource to the metaphysical community.

There have always been people who have said to me something along the lines of, "I know I am intuitive and know that ____" (fill in the blank with some wonderful thing). The so called "intuition" is always somehow telling the person EXACTLY what they want to hear. That is not intuition, that is subconscious or ego. When your "intuition" always agrees with what you want, you are only fooling yourself. Separating that psychic voice and higher self from Ego is the HARDEST part of developing psychic abilities. We have to interpret messages , and that is always next to impossible when we have an investment in the answer.

One should NEVER try to answer a question for themselves when it has an investment attached to it, especially an emotional investment. Psychic abilities are a gift "to give" to others, not to use for ourselves. We all have intuition to guide us and we can all use that freely , yet we need to know when it is intuition and when it is Ego.

I am talking about the Freudian "ego" here, that "self preservation ego", but of course that "I am the greatest" attitude can get in the way also.

NEVER "read" for yourself. If you have to ask the Universe if he is the one, he isn't. Many times what we think is a message from the Universe is a giant crush or obsession . When the man says "stay away from me", stay away, don't say to yourself that your guides told you he is the one. He isn't the one when he says a strong "no". People have tried to validate people saying no to them by convincing themselves that "soulmate" connections are never easy. Bullcrap."Soulmate" connections are facilitated by the Universe.  Soulmates are people put in our path to help us through an important time in our lives, usually a life lesson time. They can be a sister, mother, best friend, boss, clergyman. They rarely are lovers. That is all new age romance stuff made up in the past 40 years.When they say "no",  stay away before you get a stalking charge against you.

The other side of this coin is that people are now thinking that there are bad entities all over the place. There are people who believe there are demons all over the place. Most of it stems from TV, and I have to say that most of that stems from "Paranormal State". It seems like every haunting they go to the word "demon" pops up. Do you know how difficult it is to find a real demon in this world? First of all , you must seek them out. Like the vampire lore, you have to "invite them in". Sometimes the inviting is non intentional like having an angry and mentally ill person around. Other times it is intentional, like dabbling in the black arts. It is still VERY difficult to get a "demon" to come and possess someone.

There are negative entities out there. People who were bad people in life are bad people in death.People who had anger and mental issues in life, also have them in death too. When they do not cross all the way over, they stay in between dimensions and wreck havoc with the weak, the ill, and those who welcome hate and upset. People mistake nasty dead spirits for demons. There are also entities, of a vast number, that live in the ether who were never human. Many do not have the ability to cross into our dimension, nor communicate in it.

There are also black shadow people. An abundance of them. There are different types of them too. Even though they are black and scary, doesn't make them evil. They are energy of a form different than ours. There are BSP (Black Shadow People) who are all over haunted areas, and are actually protectors. There are also BSP who seem intently interested in us and our lives, as much as we are in ghostly phenomenon, we are also being "investigated" by another dimension of "Ghost Hunters". The third type is spirits who try to manifest and cannot manage to get to a full form with detail and color. That takes a lot of energy.

That being said, none of these are "bad". They can be scary, but they are not evil, nor are they demonic. They are  just different, and yes, can startle or scare people, although I don't see that as ever being a "goal" of theirs. Running very quickly, hiding, and disappearing are what they do best, not walking up to you to say HELLO or involving themselves in your life.

I have sadly seen a bunch of mental illness lately ( I knew that psych degree would come in handy one day), that people are assuming is demonic, or a haunting. There is also a lot of mental illness that makes people believe that the voices they are hearing that their handsome friend is obsessed with them , even though he is happily married, are psychic voices, when they are nothing of the kind.

There are ways of telling the difference between hauntings, mental illness, and possessions. It takes experience, training, and intuition. Not everyone should dabble in psychic or ghostly phenomenon. It may be popular right now, but it certainly isn't for everyone. To be a part of that life, you have to emotionally, mentally and spiritually strong. No exceptions. Otherwise you will get into hairy situations that will harm you and others. Being weak in those areas, and going into negative situations will cause you to act out inappropriate and possibly even dangerously.

This isn't about drama. It is about helping.

Helping prove ghostly phenomenon, helping people cross, helping people whose lives are disrupted by hauntings, helping people get information to guide their lives. Only truly helpful people (not egos) need apply. Be careful where you dabble, you can get hurt, and it won't be a demon who hurts you.

Do the right things for the right reasons.

Peshaui Wequashimese

Dr. R M Reiter Wolf. May not be used, copied or reproduced without prior written permission.

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