Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blankets move?

How often have we seen in the movies a scene where a person gets a blanket snatched off of them? It is almost a cliche', yet it happens.

When I lived in our haunted house in Paterson, NJ, we had all kinds of things go on for a while. Things were escalating, and although my Mom believed it, she never directly experienced it. She heard the noises, she heard and believed my stories, but I think she talked herself out of the few things that happened to her...until the blanket incident and the ghost cat was seen walking up the stairs.

One night after having blankets pulled off a few times over the past week. She decided that before she went to bed she was going to lock the cats in the basement. She was convinced they were pulling on her blankets. I wanted the cats upstairs. All four of them surrounded me at night and were a warm , furry wall of protection. She insisted. I made a deal that if her blankets moved we were not going to lock them in the basement any more. Deal.

We shared a room, two twin beds. The next morning, her alarm went off and she said "I am so tired, those darned cats kept me up all night again. I would pull, they would pull back, we had a tug of war, they are really getting fiesty about it" I said...."Mom, you locked the cats in the basement."

Moment of complete silence......

She was sure they had managed to get the door open. There was a hook and eye lock on it that kept it closed all the way, and locked , of course. She thought maybe she forgot to lock it and then they pushed through. We went downstairs, and you guessed it. The door was closed, and locked.

I said...Yes those darn cats, they even managed to lock themselves back in the basement.

That earned me a look, and the cats were allowed to sleep upstairs from then on again. Apparently the blanket pulling was worse with them in the basement. Maybe someone was just trying to make a point. Maybe it was the ghost cat.....all I know is that if it wanted to make a point, it did.

Peshaui Wequashimese

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