Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ghosts can't be here.....

Someone said words to me last night that my ex mother in law said to me a few years back.  She had been" testing the psychic" , and asked if there were any spirits in her house. I told her yes. She smiled and said "But we built this house, no one died here." I told her there was certainly a spirit in the house, and that it was at the top of the stairs in a little niche. I couldn't get age, it was low to the ground, maybe a small child, but full of love. It would not speak to me, but it was harmless and loving.

She smiled at me, while my ex sister in law's jaw dropped. She said..."Mom, remember the fire?" Apparently they had a pretty serious kitchen fire that destroyed the kitchen and the bedroom above it. The family dog who always slept in the niche at the top of the stairs died there of smoke inhalation.

I learned about dog spirits that day, and my mother in law learned about ghosts.

Spirits do not have to be people who died in that spot. They could have lived there before you, if you built the house, they could have lived on the land before you. They could have been strolling through the world a couple of hundred years ago and met there end right there, in many ways. Even more prevalent, they could have followed you home. When you work in the metaphysical, spiritual, medical, religious, mental health, or funeral services, spirits can follow you home or even attach to you. Someone could have been doing some metaphysical work in the house, or experimented with things like Ouiji Boards (please do not ever use one).

Someone in the house can be sensitive, psychic or mediumistic and attract them in with their bright light. You may be situated on a ley line or other energy source that attracts spirits, like a vortex or portal. They occur naturally.

I remember reading on a case investigated by Hans Holtzer, where the spirit strolled into a home because the lady there looked just like her sister who passed many years before. She felt comfortable with this nice lady and stayed.

Sometimes people die in the vicinity. Maybe a bad accident where they didn't know they were dead, they walk down the street looking for help, and there you are, getting the paper off the front porch....they spend the next days trying to get your attention, and finally just give up and stay.

You may have something they loved in life. Maybe they were a pianist and you play wonderful piano every night. You have a house that looks like their childhood home, that no longer exists.

Maybe they came with that new antique piece you just added to your collection, or that painting they painted while they were alive. Maybe it is just Grandma checking  on you to see how you are doing, especially in times of stress and upset.

Ghosts don't just plop themselves in old rundown houses where they died, that is really the LEAST likely reason for them to be there. Many times we don't know the ghost. The ones who stick around where they died are usually suicides or sudden death victims. Suicides can resist moving out of this world as they fear they will be thrown in to hell. They don't, but some believe that, and won't cross.

We have free will in death, just like in life. We do not HAVE TO cross. We can float around between this plane and the next. We also can cross all the way, then come back and visit. They aren't limited to a certain plane or dimension.

Make sure that you have a good idea about where your ghost came from. You don't have to know its' exact origin or even name. You can say....I am going to call you George, and please keep the noise down at night, if you don't I will have to ask you to leave.

Peshaui Wequashimese

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