Thursday, October 11, 2012

Haunted cabin?

Two years ago when we were in the cabin at Lake George I thought I heard some noises during the night. We are in the woods, and there are many animals and birds all around us, so I chalked it up to mice, squirrels (do they run around at night?), or some other creature of Mother Nature's design.

I didn't think much of it, but I did mark it as unusual.

This year an two separate nights I heard noises and Matt did on another. We were in the same cabin in the woods. One night the noises even awakened me at some ungodly hour.

The first night that I heard noise, was right next to me.  I had a Gatorade bottle with water in it on my bedside table. There is a noise that the label and plastic make when you grab it. I heard that noise a couple of times, maybe I had a thirsty ghost. I thought that maybe the bottle was constricting, they will do that sometimes in the cold , but it wasn't THAT cold in the room. After that I thought I heard noise like someone moving around in the cabin.

A couple of nights later I heard a similar sound, it actually woke me up. It was like a sharp crackle, as if crisp paper or a plastic covering were being scrunched. I couldn't attribute it to anything , and went back to sleep. I also heard the ceiling tiles thump (there is no second story) , and some scratching. I chalked it up to mice...but never saw one or evidence of one.

Matt also heard noises like someone moving around the cabin. I think next time we go it will be recorders and camera system!!

If anyone has any ghost stories to share, send them by email. I will reprint them here. 'Tis the season for ghosties!

This Saturday is the Haunting at WNIN here in Evansville, we will be there and I will be giving a talk on EVPs. The overnight is sold out, but there are $20 convention tickets still available for the 7PM til midnight time period. There will be speakers, reiki sessions, reflexology, food, door prizes, and much more. Come on down!!!

Peshaui Wequashimese

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