Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Haunted places, they can sneak up on you!

Last week, my husband and I were , as they say in the movies, "back east". I am originally from NJ and lived in PA for quite some time. Every now and then I need to be with those "over the top", fun, loving people who are outrageous at times, but give every moment of life their all. Don't get me wrong, I do know a few of them where I am, but being surrounded by them is so invigorating to me. Add in beautiful mountains, changing leaves, long hikes, awesome food, family and peaceful time away....and it is pure magic. This is my down time, my "relax" time.

I introduced my husband to the mountains and food of the east coast a few years back. He must love it, he keeps asking to go back. After spending last year in Yellowstone and the Tetons, off we went.

We trekked off to Hawk Mountain to watch the migration, and then headed to the Adirondacks. I wanted to do a longish hike, so I picked one that was 10.2 miles long through what was one of the great camps in the 1800's. It is now owned by the state, and restoration work in under way. It is beautiful. We hiked in on a closed road that winds through trees and after a little more than a mile we came out at a farm that was part of the great camp (imagine your summer home having a farm to produce food and milk for your family , guests and servants). There were originally a dozen buildings in the farm area, and there are still several standing.

The road comes in at the top of what was an old animal barn built into the hillside. There must have been a fire there, as the metal pipes in the barn look like half cooked spaghetti, all bent and leaning. I wanted to walk down and see what was under the hillside. I walked past the barn and started down the side of the hill and WHAM, the feeling that lets me know "I am not alone". It was strange to encounter it in such a  space. Outdoors in the daytime, near a barn. But the feeling is quite clear (I actually have a different feeling for "bad things", etc.). I told Matt that someone was there, and it sped away as he came down the hill. I walked to the barn area, but nothing there. It was simply outside and didn't want to talk or be disturbed.

We continued on another nine miles to the great camp. It is beautiful. Large log buildings connected with covered boardwalks. It sits on a lake, and is still in very good shape. It was beautiful and state of the art. There were several refrigerators on a porch behind the kitchen. They were made with wood and lined with lead, the doors weighed a ton. These were there in the days when most homes didn't have such luxuries. There was also a huge water heater and stove. Getting these things to the camp must have been quite an adventure.

The buildings had a "feeling" about them, but no real strong presence. Just something energetic, as if several spirits were leaving the buildings as we entered. We met another live hiker and his wife. He told us that the camp was used quite a bit in the last century. The last family who owned the camp just up and left when their son disappeared. He was eight years old. There was an extensive manhunt and his body was never found. The family deserted the camp, and wanted nothing to do with it.

Imagine. It must have been horrible, but I would think (and I have never lost one of my children so I am just speculating here), that I would have a hard time leaving. I would expect that child to one day walk up to the door and I would want to be there. I don't think I could leave at all!

I don't know if foul play was suspected, but there are many ways to die and disappear deep in the woods. The "town" that now sits at the edge of the property is very small, with a handful of residents scattered about. I am sure that 40 some years ago, it was even less developed. It is hard to imagine a psychopath traveling many miles into the middle of nowhere to look for a victim, so I would imagine it was a known person or Mother Nature. There are animals, there are plenty of things like rocks, mountains and ridges to fall off of, and a couple of lakes to fall in. Even what we think of as peaceful animals (like moose), can trample and kill, especially an 8 year old boy. There are snakes that bite, and spiders that can kill. I don't know when he disappeared, but there is also bitter cold in the winter.

The body was never found. Does the boy wander around down by the old farm several miles away? Is that where he went that fateful day to meet his end? Was it a natural death, or was there evil done ?

With the spirit at the barn not wishing to communicate (and disappearing off into the old boarded up buildings), I couldn't pick at the answer. There are however, spirits among the farm and camp.They may just be old remnants of energy as they are not strong, but maybe they just haven't had enough people and items to suck energy off of. Maybe they are just old residents come back to check out the restoration. It would be a great place to spend the night and find out.

I didn't go on a "ghost vacation" , but I found one anyway.....since Halloween is coming, tomorrow I will write about the ghost in the cabin.

Happy Hunting!!

Peshaui Wequashimese

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  1. The missing boy was Douglas Legg. Here is a follow up story:

  2. Wow you paint a great picture with all the detail Regina. I can imagine myself walking along the hike. Sounds like you two had a great time. I enjoyed the pictures on FB.

    I'm like you, I could not have possibly ever left that place having lost my son there. I would be going out feet first. I thought the exact same thing as I was reading, what if he comes back and the mother is not there? uuughhhhchckkk... I shutter at the thought of losing my child and empathize with anyone who does.

    I'm off to read the follow up story.

    I've moved my blog to come see me sometime :)

  3. It is an interesting story!! So many unanswered questions. A beautiful 10.2 mile round trip all the same!!


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