Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No ghost story today

Today I am going to use the time to sit quietly and send reiki to the east coast. The storm there as done major damage and several people have died due to the storm. My ex mother in law has a tree on her house, and one friend had to be evacuated by boat.My children, all the way in PA have lost power, and people in NY  and NJ have no idea when they will get power back on. Many friends are in the cold and dark with the storm still raging outside.

There are also animals, pets and wild,  birds, and sealife effected by these storms. These storms are are not a joke, they are killers. Many people do not flee and end up paying dearly. There are still people trapped in areas that rescue workers cannot get to.

Please take a moment today to send your prayers to the east coast. The mighty ocean is nothing to take lightly.

Thank you

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