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It took me a while to realize what these large, powerful, serious, beings were. They, of course, do not call themselves "angels", and they don't have wings. Man put wings on them in the Biblical style art because they needed to make the trip from Heaven to Earth. How else would that have been possible without wings? Well today we know that even ourselves have the ability to move about, in the air or anywhere else , without wings. Not many can do it on demand, or with ease, but we can. We know the Supreme Being is everywhere , but we never depict him with wings...they are not needed.

I know that others who have developed these psychic abilities have seen these beings we call "angels", and have seen them in the same "physical shape". They are quite large. I would estimate them at anywhere from 8 to 10 feet tall. They look very humanoid, but resemble manikins more than humans. They are too smooth, too perfect. They always have a very serious look on their faces, and radiate light all around them. I have only ever seen ones with lighter hair, skin, and eyes. They have piercing eyes, and carry a great sense of power with them. To be honest, they are intimidating. Take a look at a Rider Waite "Temperance" card , and take away the wings, and you have a pretty good picture of what an angel looks like.

You may remember that I told you guides are like "advisers". Well, angels are like the Dean of the college. They are there to make sure you get your learning done. They are there to make sure you complete all you have to do. They are very single, logically minded (sort of like Spock on Star Trek). Nice, positive, but very "by the book". They take their job very seriously. They don't abuse their power, or make things happen, just becasue they think it is a good idea, or even just becasue you asked. They do it simply because it is the right thing to do. They take "do the right thing for the right reason" to the extreme.

They may somehow, magically pull you out of a burning wreck, or a sinking boat. They need to get your butt back on firm ground to complete your studies. It isn't all out compassion, it is their job, given to them by the Divine (whatever term you use for that Highest Power), and they are going to make sure it gets done. We humans with our free will, must drive them crazy.

They are protectors in a way, they do keep evil away, and have no tolerance for it at all. They are all powerful against it. They are also part of what holds the space when someone is dying to prevent unwanted energy from getting near the soon to be freed soul that has completed its' learning on this earth.

They stand in corners of a room, away from things. Walking through them can feel unpleasant, not that they are "bad", but they are very powerful and it can set you back on your heels. They give goosebumps, dizziness, and disorientation to those who pass to close. Just like EMF (electromagnetic fields) can make you feel sick, scared, or like someone is watching you, angels do the same type of thing. They are a HUGE source of power and energy.

They are the taskmasters in your learning process and work with the guides. They are sort of like a guide supervisor, and don't let them get too lenient with you. They will never desert you, but will stand back at times hoping that you "learn your lesson". They are very serious and single minded.

All that being said, if you are in a serious situation, call on them...I only call on them when I am in a situation where there is negative energy, never for anything else. It is sort of like, if you have a rip in a new pair of pants you bought, you go back to the store and exchange them, you don't go to the main office and march into the President's office and demand a new pair of pants.

There are angels for everything, sort of like saints or kachinas. Everyone has a job. You don't need to know names, just say "any angels who help with "_____" I need your help. Again, don't call on them for a stubbed toe. Call on yourself, your doctor, a reiki therapist....but not an angel.

It is funny what "man" has depicted angels as, and what that has perpetuated in society, but they are nothing like it. I do have to say that many angel pictures, you won't see them smiling, so maybe they got something right.....

So if a VERY large, light being who exudes "power" stand in your corner, head way up past the ceiling....say "hello angel". Once I realized what these beings were, I understood why some people who die may not completely cross over. Imagine dying and being greeted by a 10 foot tall, serious, unsmiling, silent could scare the daylights out of just about anyone... I wonder how many have turned tail and ran at the sight of one of these magnificent beings!

Many times we see , in the energetic area, and in real life, what we expect to see. I am sure that those who were meditating or praying to see angels, see smiling, beautiful beings....but they are beautiful in the way something large and powerful is beautiful, like the Hoover Dam. Another tidbit, I have yet to see what I would term a "female" angel, they all seem to be male, but that said, I believe they are androgynous. The size of them may be what makes us think "male". However, not one that I have seen had anything I would attribute to femininity.

So, if you really want to see an angel, give it a shot, but be prepared for a very large, serious , powerful being, not a pretty lady with wings, playing a harp!

There is a book of angels that tells you what each one has for a "job", but we all also have one that their only job is to watch over us, and make sure we make it through life, and our lessons we have promised to learn this Earthwalk.

The best thing to do with angels, is leave them alone, and let them do their job unless you are face to face with evil, yucky stuff....and the chance of that happening is very rare. They are watching, they never take their eyes off of you for a moment. They never slack off, or even blink. So there really is no need to call.

Nice to know someone always has your back!

Peshaui Wequashimese

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