Thursday, December 30, 2010

Blog and Dissertation

Tomorrow is New Years Eve . A day of thinking, reflecting, and getting ready for the New Year. It is not a day of making a New Years' Resolution, as I wrote before, it is a day to make plans that you can stick to. Remember to NOT take anything out of your home from midnight New Year's Eve until midnight New Year's Day.

I have a dissertation to write, and I will need time to research, study, read, and write, so I am taking the blog down to once a week, at least while I write the dissertation. I believe in not just doing something, but doing it well. If I cannot do it well, I do not do it at all, I leave it to those who do. This gives me the time and energy to do it well. I want the paper to be accepted the first time that I do it.

The theme for the year 2011 to make sure that you are doing 100% of what you represent, what you say you are , and what you say you will do. Don't mislead, flat out lie, or scam. There are many in the metaphysical community that claim titles they do not have, and talents that do not exist in them. I always ask that you all check people out before you buy into their rhetoric . When you are on the other end, the theme is to ONLY use authentic, certified and licensed people for your teachers and services.

Check authenticity. There are certificates that reiki practitioners, and masters have. There are certificates that Healing Touch Practitioners have. I have a ministerial card, all ministerial practitioners will have a current card. Do NOT take any instruction in Native American spirituality, or way, from someone who is not Native, and check them out too. Use NAFPS to find people who are scamming by being fakes and phonies. This even goes for classes like what is now jokingly called the "money key" (and is listed on the NAFPS site).

Beware, be a smart consumer, be authentic, and demand authenticity. When you are spending your money, time, and energy, spend it wisely. Make sure that you are getting the best deal out there. Don't be afraid to take classes from multiple teachers, one may resonate more with you.

Make sure all metaphysical teachers are kind, giving, understanding, yet strong and firm with you. Make sure that they are no nonsense, not some flaky, "out there" person, while at the same time treat you as a student who wants to learn. They need to give respect to their students, and make sure they answer all their questions.

When you take on a Native American way of life, and learn form elders, they will not charge you a penny, and cannot. When you pay to learn ritual and ceremony of the Native American way, you are being ripped off. You can pay to learn history, or some other information, but the "way" is not charged for.

Real metaphysicians are not boastful, flamboyant, nor demanding. They are not in any way pushy or unkind. When you come across a person like this, run . There are MANY more of us out there who are trying to really TEACH the right way. There is no easy "step program", no attunement, no magic wand, to make you any better than you are now. It is all work, study, and being authentic, that makes things right.

Make sure that you are learning authentic things form authentic people. A sign, business card, title, or claim , or "uniform / costume", does not an authentic person make. Be a wise consumer.

See you next year!

Have a safe, happy and healthy new year full of abundance!

Love and Light

Peshaui Wequashimese

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