Thursday, December 9, 2010

Remaining positive vs denial

It is very important to make sure that you bring in the positive by always focusing on positives ASPECTS of a situation. There are two types of people that I have talked to recently. One group does nothing but complain, use derogatory wording and deep sighs to explain their situation and how unhappy they are. Then in the next breath they tell me how they are the most positive people they know (I would hate to meet the rest of your group). Then to put the cherry on top, they said that the Universe keeps punishing them (the Universe TEACHES , it doesn't PUNISH). How can all this be? It is mutually exclusive!

They insist they know everything I am telling them about affirmations,positive thinking etc., they say they have been doing it for years, yet they aren't getting what they are trying to get. It just doesn't seem to be working.

That means that you are NOT the best manifester in the world. You can know "The Secret" verbatim, but putting the concepts into practice is harder than a lot of folks think. When you have doubt that it will work, even though you want it to, and at the same time walk around saying how much your life sucks...your life will suck. That is what you verbally and mentally reinforce every day. What you reinforce and expect the most, is what happens, not what pictures you paste on your fridge. You have to tip the scales to more positive, MUCH more positive .

You also ALWAYS have work to do. You can't get a job without looking. You can't meet Prince Charming without ever leaving the house. You can't exude disdain for your job everyday and expect the powers that be to promote you. You can't get ahead financially by living above your means. You can't break the laws and rules of society and expect it to reward you with gifts. You MUST do the work.

The other side of the coin is being in denial. People can go too far to the other end of the pendulum (what we call bliss ninnies), and see total good in everything that happens. There is not ever total good or total bad in anything that happens. When you see nothing but total good, you miss the lesson and the opportunity for growth. It is like living on drugs, high as a kite all the time, you may have a false sense of happiness, but the world outside isn't on your high. You are running headlong into a mess.

Denial never solved anything, it is a temporary Band Aid. It makes you feel better, but does not make the situation better. The situation remains, and most times it even gets worse.

Listen to what you are saying. Listen carefully, even record it, write it down, and see how many negative words are in there, and how many positive. The positive need to outweigh the negative. FAR outweigh. However we need to embrace the negative and see the lesson, or the way to change it, or it will never go away. We just should not dwell on it.

I have people ask why they always date the jerks. They pick them! The only reason people always date jerks is that they always choose jerks, it is usually out of a sense of desperation. Slow down, learn from your past (or you really are doomed to repeat it). Change your methods and focus when it doesn't work. Pay your dues, and move forward.

Don't be in a rush (patience is a lesson constantly taught to us by the Universe), and don't settle. Don't act out of fear, loneliness or Ego. When you are able to wait for the best situation, you will always have the best situation.

Respect yourself and those around you by not saying "I am the most positive person in the world", instead realize that positive people are always looking for ways to improve themselves, and hence their lives, and for them it works EVERY TIME. They aren't trying to convince the rest of us how positive they are.

Focus on the positive, but do not be in denial.
Be centered. Not negative, and not a bliss ninny.
Do nothing out of fear, loneliness or Ego.

Learn and grow.
Do the right things for the right reasons.

Peshaui Wequashimese

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