Thursday, December 23, 2010


This morning my rabbit, for about the fifth time, managed to get onto a chest where my phone and some books are. The only reason she could get there is a chair has been moved to accommodate the Christmas tree. I gave her a ladder to books to chomp and an obviously delicious phone cord. At first I was mad at her, for about 1 minute, then I realized....she is a rabbit. This is what she does...chew. Her mission is life is only to be food for something else. TO do that, Mother Nature makes her eat, eat, eat. Then she is a fat , juicy rabbit for a hawk, fox, bear, wolf or coyote. That is basically it. So she eats, and then of course poops.....ah the life of a rabbit.

So , I was the enabler. Once I took that chair away, I took her destructive chewing ability away.

How often do we get upset at people for doing stupid stuff, yet we don't say a word. People are much smarter than rabbits and have more to do than be food, so we need to be tougher on them. We need to teach them. So many times we try to associate humans with nature. We are part of nature, but our human minds have taken as far from being a pure being. Deer, fish, birds, and rabbits do not have free will, an ability to think rationally and a conscience. We do. We have no excuses to act badly, nor to allow, or worse yet, enable others to do so.

Being an enabler is pretty much doing the same thing as the person who has an issue. We may as well say "Hey it's OK, let me help you ruin your life and everyone else around you."

Enabling is a terrible take the chairs away from the rabbits in your life. It really does make a difference.

Peshaui Wequashimese

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