Thursday, February 17, 2011

Can energy work cause issues....

I had an email recently asking if having energy work done can cause issues.

Sadly the answer is YES.

Some folks never learned their "trade" properly. Some are not certified, and many times when you need to be certified, there is a darn good reason for it. There can also be an unscrupulous person doing work to influence you and change you to what they want you to do, or be.

This is why it is so important to make sure that you are working with certified people. I have had a bad experience after being introduced to a new genre. I was able to get myself back into the right alignment, but not everyone can do that.It may cost you time and money to have things put back to right.

Then you have another extreme, people who do things for money, without doing them mindfully and the extent of robbing and even killing people. I am talking about those who tell you that you have a curse that will take big money to remove , and sweat lodges built by people who have no business building them.

Never give anyone money out of fear ( or do anything out of fear). It is theft , just as much as if someone held a gun to your head. Never enter a sweat lodge that was not built by a Native American who knows what they are doing...spiritually,each pole has a prayer attached to it, a place to be, and a reason for being there. Not every Native can build a sweat lodge either, certain tribes have restrictions on who in that tribe can build a lodge, or lead the building of one. Structurally, the lodge needs to be safe and built in a safe manner. Make sure the person who is running the lodge knows what they are doing...leaving passed out people on the floor is not a good thing.Having people die is the worst.

There are so many people out there that think it is OK to read a book, go to a class, or an event, and then do it themselves. When you want to do for you and you alone, go for it. However, when you are putting yourself out there in the world
as a "Reiki Master" or any other title, you better have earned it, and/or be up to date on it.

Energy work CAN cause issues when done improperly. People who are unethical can cause issues outside the spiritual area by taking your time, money, and even your life. There have been times when people even used spiritual disguises as a way of getting sexual favors. Steer clear of these people.

Another way harm is caused is when an energy worker has mental or emotional issues and they are in your aura and energy. Never allow someone who seems too "out there", who gives you a bad vibe, or who you are just plain uncomfortable with, to do any work on you.

Check, research, and ask to see paperwork. Ask friends for their experiences. Ask what those experiences were. Your friend may have liked the class because there was no discussion, you may need time to ask questions and discuss some things, your friend's favorite class and teacher may not be for you!

Be mindful, and just because a person is giving a class, doesn't mean they are qualified or even have a clue. Be a wise consumer, after all it could actually mean your savings or your life (how sad is that!)

Peshaui Wequashimese

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