Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Circles of "ME" are too small

So many people wrote to say that they saw an extreme lack of manners over the weekend, from college kids to an "80 something". Has the world gone mad? We are supposed to be moving to a better place,yet all I see is people looking at how things effect them personally. They stop right there, and never see how the other side of things may help some, or the the world. They do not see the difference between helping and enabling. They do not see how they infringe on the rights of others.

They are against health care becasue they fear (and we all know what happens when you act out of fear)that this will put them in the poorhouse... it won't. Better yet, many who cannot afford health care (and this does not include the indigent who already have Medicaid), who cannot get health care due to previous illness, and other groups, will now be able to get health care. We are one of the most advanced countries in the world, yet we allow our people to suffer. Why? The answer is : ME ME ME...it is the "M Syndrome" rearing its' ugly head, spurred on by the "F" word...not that one, but FEAR. Fear, that which causes us to make rash decisions which only bring relief for a moment. Decisions that never solve a thing.

One of the basic principles that this country was founded upon, was that we each get to do things in basically our own way, as long as that way does not take away the rights or "way" of another. For example, you can have a party at your home, you can do pretty much whatever you want , except harm others at this party (that includes under age drinking). Party for days if you want to. However, if that party keeps your neighbor from sleeping, or piles empty beer cans on their lawn, or leaves them with no place to park...you are infringing on their rights.

People get all hung up on "it is my right", and forget about all the other people around them. They do not realize that many things are not a "right". Driving for instance is not a right, but a privilege. Then we have part two of the equation, responsibilities. People do not want to be responsible for their actions, or act responsibly. They want to do whatever they please, where and when they want to. They think that is their right, and it is not.

People get stuck on the "my right", "this is good for me", "I need this", and forget about how that effects everyone else around them. When making decisions, we need to think about the whole.

Years ago I wrote about circles and how things always come back around full circle. There is a life in that circle, or a part of it, but there are also other people's lives in that circle. There is an environment in that circle. There is a Creator/God/Universe in that circle. You always effect another when you do anything, and being that there are circles in every part of our lives, you will come back to having to deal with it sooner or later.

Get off the ME ME ME side of things. It isn't always about what you want. Sometimes it is about compromise, sometimes you "can't always get what you want". Think about how your wishes, wants and desires effect others, and even yourself.

When your circle just includes ME ME ME , it is too small, it is a constant run around a treadmill, going nowhere and never expanding. Life lessons are never learned, and happiness is fleeting. Expanding your circle to quality people makes an enriched, learning and growing set of experiences and circles.

This is not a ME ME ME world, it never was. The world is getting smaller everyday.We are no longer tribes who live thousands of miles apart and across oceans who do not know that the other even exists. Those days are long gone. Our circles constantly intertwine with other circles. That is why now, more than ever, we must always "Do the right thing for the right reasons"!

Do the right thing for the right reasons, and no it isn't all about you!

Peshaui Wequashimese

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