Friday, February 4, 2011

Don't ignore crazy people.

When I was growing up , there was a lot of change going on in this country. We had come out of WWII quite a few years back, yet if you were of German or Japanese origin, you were treated badly by some people. My family all fought in WWII in the US military, yet the German last names of family members brought them dirty looks. It was a time of women's rights, JFK, MLK, and drastic change. The old negative was fading away, and the new "love and peace" era was coming in. Both had their pros and cons, neither was totally right , nor wrong. The whole country was in flux.

While all of this was going on, there were people who resisted the positive changes and did outright hateful things. Being a small child in a big city, I couldn't understand what the problem was. After all , my best friend was Puerto Rican, and our favorite neighbors (three teens and their Mom), were African American. The lady next door was from Ireland, and there was a convent of nuns, white as snow, across the street.I thought America was a patchwork. I had Native American friends and relatives in Rhode Island, and people in my Dad's neighborhood were all Native or Portuguese (or usually both). I saw a lot of dark skin, to me , that was the norm.

Once I was older and taking dance lessons, teaching and doing shows, I met many Gay men. I loved them to death! A gay man is a girl's best friend. They were fun, bright, talented, and understanding.

When I lived in Las Vegas there was a group of gay men who were having a rally. It may have been to promote same sex marriages, I am not sure. They were being very well behaved, and talking to people. People in Vegas come from all over, so they listened. Then a group from the Westboro Baptist church showed up...and eventually started physically harming these men (mostly by throwing rocks). The local people were appalled and a riot pretty much broke out. The "church " group was finally asked to leave town.

Now their mission is to disrupt funerals of service men and women. Apparently they believe this is God's way of punishing the USA for allowing Gay rights. Where the connection between the two comes from, I can only deduce is "insanity". I was taught a lot of things in church, but no one ever taught me to taunt family members at a funeral or throw rocks at people (although stoning was a way of putting people to death in the Bible).

It would be easy to ignore the Westboro Church, as a small family of crazy people. But this family travels around the country, and has other so called "churches" participate in their lunacy.

When I was small and there were riots in the streets and people still hurting from the war now 20 years over, my mom said, we have to always remember to not ignore the crazy people. The reason she said this is there was one man, a rather shy, awkward man, who almost destroyed the world, his name was Hitler.He didn't come from a powerful family, or have a lot of money. He was just full of hate and crazy.

We cannot afford to ignore the crazy people, they sometimes become very powerful.
Fortunately there is a group called the "Patriot Riders" who make sure that they are now everywhere the Westboro Church rears its' ugly head. Don't ignore the Westboro group becasue they are "small", they are still harmful.

Do not ignore any crazy people, they sometimes almost rule the world.

The only good that the Westboro Church has done, was helped create the Patriot Riders, see there is a yin and a yang. Be mindful and be the change that keeps the Westboro Churches of the world in balance, and never ever ignore hate and craziness just because it is one person. History has taught us what happens when we do that.

Peshaui Wequashimese

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