Friday, February 18, 2011

Gaia, an important part of spirituality

Some people think that spirituality is going to church or temple. That is a small iota of what it takes to be spiritual.

The word originated with spiritualists, who were people that believed that there was more to "life" than this plane. They believed they could contact those who have passed, that there were other existences, and that there was more to the Universe than what we learned in church, or from are parents.

They were right. Today that belief has expanded to understanding that all belief systems are basically the same, they all believe in a higher power that wants us to do well, do good things, learn, and grow during our Earthwalk. This Higher Power is also watching to see how we take care of Mother Earth, Gaia, Mother Nature.

Without her, we do not exist, yet we do not take very good care of her. A truly spiritual person will support Gaia. They will recycle, use vehicles that run cleanly and efficiently, keep their yards and neighborhoods clean of trash, support parks and other nature based organizations. They plant trees, grow vegetables, and plant shrubs that shelter and feed birds and small animals. They keep pesticides and poisons out of their yards and try to expand that love of Gaia throughout their neighborhood, and the world.

Today you can do a little to help Gaia. Ornithologists study birds. Their nests, food, behavior, migration, and population. They protect endangered species through the governments, and try to make places where migrating birds can rest.

It is easy to help these folks, and this weekend, right now in fact, is the time. GO to : Put in your zip code, and print your local bird list. Then all you have to do is look out the window for 15 minutes...or 15 minutes at a time. You can look out the window all weekend if you like! You do not need to be an expert. Just count how many of each species you see and then go on line to the checklist and put in your totals. This mass, up to the minute list is a great help to the experts.

So now you have your weekend homework, and you can help Gaia at the same time, right from your window, and comfy chair!

Happy Bird Hunting!!!

PS On a bird walk the other day we saw a Prairie Falcon, apparently they NEVER come to Indiana. Maybe he was lost, but he was beautiful. Look out your window, there may be a surprise waiting for you out there!

Peshaui Wequashimese

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